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Hi! I’m Dave from

Quite a lot of stuff has happened, so I’ll try and fill you in as quickly as possible

Now for everyone who’s a bit slow, let’s start again at a less “Usain Bolt” pace.

Loads of stuff has been happening lately.
- I put out the Psytrance 7 day song (If you haven’t already seen it, check that out here)
- Boyinaband got a snazzy new intro
- My band You and What Army won the red bull bedroom jam overall competition and are touring all over the UK
- We also recorded an EP in Red Bull’s London Studio
- I’ve interviewed some of the sweetest producers I know
- I’ll be coming online on 9th nov for a Q&A
- Continuing awesomeness stats-wise

7 Day Song

For those of you who Continue reading »

What do you think?   Or is there something cooler out there?   Let us know in a comment! — That’ll tell you GMT. I’ll be online on Tuesday 9th November at 8pm GMT. — Grab tickets for the tour there (we are on every date, even though it only mentions us on the glasgow date)

If this online meet-up works out well, I’ll probably start doing it more regularly :)

The day has come!   It’s time to tidy your mix into a final version, then show it to the world!

It’s also time to sit back and listen to the final finished 7 day psytrance song.   Good times!

Click here for day 7 of the 7 day song psytrance tutorial


Hi! I'm Dave from and welcome to the site!

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