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Hi! I’m Dave from

Quite a lot of stuff has happened, so I’ll try and fill you in as quickly as possible

Now for everyone who’s a bit slow, let’s start again at a less “Usain Bolt” pace.

Loads of stuff has been happening lately.
- I put out the Psytrance 7 day song (If you haven’t already seen it, check that out here)
- Boyinaband got a snazzy new intro
- My band You and What Army won the red bull bedroom jam overall competition and are touring all over the UK
- We also recorded an EP in Red Bull’s London Studio
- I’ve interviewed some of the sweetest producers I know
- I’ll be coming online on 9th nov for a Q&A
- Continuing awesomeness stats-wise

7 Day Song

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the genre, Psytrance is a hypnotic, progressive take on the Trance framework. It’s this kind of thing, then goes into this kind of thing , and you’ll occasionally get some of this kinda thing. One of those was a lie.

You can go to day one here, or if you’re impatient, go to day 7 and check out the full song first here.

Snazzy new intro

In the spirit of giving you a few seconds to mentally prepare yourselves for the inevitable hi pitched “Hi!” at the start of every video I do, I’ve now got a sweet intro! Thanks to my homeslice Adam from for making that. He listens to too much crunk.

On Tour!

I’m touring all over the UK with my band You and What Army, at all the dates and times that have appeared magically by my side. As per usual I always stick around after the show so if you want to come down and chat, I’m not yet famous enough to warrant an ego sizeable enough to deny doing that. You can grab tickets in the link in the description.

We’ll be playing old stuff such as this song “Epidemic” but also some newer stuff where I get to do some live scratching, so get-get-get ready for that!

And thanks once again to everyone that voted and helped make this insane opportunity happen. I’m definitely going to carry on making boyinaband content whether I go on to become horrendously famous, or if this tour is the furthest my musical career goes and I end up being a jaded old producer with lung cancer and a shabby looking cat named “Sawtooth”.

In da Studio!

I’ve had the fortune to be in several studios lately! This time it was the red bull studio, and as you can see from the heavily edited footage, a good time was had by all. Especially me, since I finally got to do the obligatory “wildly move your hands while you rap about how cool you are into an expensive microphone” thing.

Unfortunately we had to leave before the mixing process began, so I didn’t really get much of an insight into that side of things, but here’s a clip from the vocal booth about the vocal mics we used.


It’s been the most requested video type on the poll for a while, so I decided to look into interviews. However, I don’t know many world-famous producers personally, so I figured the next best thing would be to interview *good* producers whose skills I was jealous of.

So I contacted two of the best producers I know and arranged interviews with them. From very different backgrounds, we’ve got a dance music producer, Shirobon, whose bass synths are so beautiful they make me want to cry and a trance-metal producer, Tom Callahan of the awesome band “Silent Descent”, whose insanely heavy and crisp productions make me wonder if a pro studio is even necessary in this day and age if you have the right know how. I know.

So I’ll be uploading a bunch of videos from each encounter, including tutorials, interviews and so much more.


I’ll be on the boyinaband forum on Tuesday 9th November at 8pm GMT answering questions, critiquing songs and generally chatting about stuff. I figure that way we can all be on there at the same time and I know I get a lot more done and am inspired to be more creative when I’m in an atmosphere of other people also wanting to be productive and creative! If this works out, I might make it a more regular thing.

Stats Time

Since the last update video, where I proudly stated about the 6000 subscribers we have on this channel, We’ve gained another 3000. That’s insane. That’s like me going out and asking 35 and a half people every day since the middle of august to listen to what I have to say. And I don’t know enough local midgets to make that a cost effective means of promotion.

Website-wise, went up from 2,900 visits per day to 3,500 thanks to some kind soul putting boyinaband on stumbleupon. So to whoever stumbled me – thanks! You are awesome, have a gold star in your honour.

In fact, let’s set the scene. Grassy knoll, night sky, motion-tweened cloud, dictionary definition of “knoll”… yeah, that’ll do the trick.

Featured Artist

So now we’ve set the scene, this month’s featured artist better be appropriate… [new dave appears] It is, don’t worry. Just lie back on the small, low natural hill and take a listen to the chilled tunes of ReSet. That’s This one is called “Perseid” and just makes me want to undertake a quest to save the world so I can play this song on the epic slow motion journey back from the inevitable massive volcano fortress of whoever I had to save the world from.

If you want to be the featured artist next month and promote your tunes to over 6000 boyinaband subscribers, head over to the forum at and post your music in the “Share your music” section.

As always, make sure you share your opinions on other people’s songs as well, otherwise you won’t be eligible! I want to encourage friendly constructive criticism

Coming soon to boyinaband

So coming up, we’ve got

- Q&A on Tueday November 9th at 8pm
- Interviews with two awesome producers (I’m scheduling more interviews too)
- You and What Army’s tour
- That cool video I briefly mentioned in the last update but haven’t finished yet because I wanted to make it cooler.

That’s it from me in November 2010 – Hope you enjoy the videos coming up in the next month, and I’ll see you all again for another update soon!


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3 Responses to “Biab Update: YAWA On Tour, Psytrance & Snazzy Intros! – [Nov / Dec 2010]”

  1. Love your stuff mate, you’ve really pushed my knowledge as a producer forward and helped me grow as a musician. One critism though; your not playing Nottingham with You and What Army! Hope to see you in the midlands soon and keep making videos to help us simple musicians! Oh, if you want to hear any music you’ve helped me create check out my soundcloud, my names urban rambler btw.

  2. You and What Army is the best and most innovative unsigned band i have ever heard, i love you guys.
    Now that is said i also want to submit my music at (you may not like the genre its trance/electro but im planning on making different genres)

  3. hey Dave! Have you heard the track “Techno Band” that has been doing the rounds on the radio. They sound like you guys. It’s already overplayed though I’m starting to hate it…

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