Merry Christmas to all! Santa got pretty violent this year after too much sherry and decided to start throwing kicks out wildly!

Fortunately, I collected them all up into a nice neat advent-calendar-sized package for your Dance, Hip Hop, Dubstep or whatever else productions.

Download the sample pack here!

Want a sample pack for a different genre of music? Suggest it in a comment below!


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24 Responses to “Free Sample Pack: Christmas Kicks!”

  1. Lol @ kick 18!

  2. Progressive house. Round kicks with ultra tight attacks, mainly. I’m desperate.

  3. how do i download the sample pack?

  4. @gregorio Click the blue sentence that says ‘Download the sample pack here!’…

  5. it brings me to a page of code …

  6. right click and go “save as” :)

  7. i made a song just using the kick samples:

    check it out!


  8. Thanks (y)

  9. Lolz kick 18# ftw.

  10. how do you download it on a mac!?

  11. thanks! #18 cracked me up

  12. Hahahaha No.18 “…kick…”

    For those having trouble downloading on Mac – right click, then “Save Linked File As.” When it asks if you want to add txt to the end of the file name, click don’t append. Sorted.

  13. I own a mac and i would like to get your sample packs. Is there any way this can be done?

  14. I also have a mac, but I only have garageband (for now) can I still get the pack?

  15. could you help me out on unloading the free sample pack into re-drum , lol cheers

  16. scott, download the sample pack, unzip it into some kind of folder. open reason, new instance of redrum, right click redrum and pres initialize patch. then on the first drum section press the little folder button and find the drum you want to use. sorted.

  17. Do I really need to go over to my girlfriends PC to download the amazing BoyinaBand footage, It’s worth it but why is it not downloadeble on my mac? I don’t understand?

  18. i managed to right click save as… on mac but I cant unzip it…. just doesnt give me the mac archiver utility option??? what do i do??

  19. Genuine LOL at “WARNING: These are festive in the way that a McDonalds “Festive Burger” is festive, i.e. not at all.”

  20. Hello,

    I’m new to this, can you please email me with directions on how to open the sample packs I’ve downloaded?


  22. [...] Check out this late Christmas Kick Pack posted by Boyinaband. You can find the download link at the following page: LINK [...]

  23. I’m gonna use #18 in a track. . .

  24. not getting the option to save the file it only down load an unopenable file and thoughts?

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