Hey guys!

Thoughts have been swimming in my head again and… well, I’ll let this weird looking guy tell you:

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First things first – Merry Christmas or Happy Saturday to all! Have a free sample pack.

Now that I’ve got you, I need your opinions!

I’ve been thinking a lot, as I tend to do around the new year, about improvements I can make to the site and have come up with some ideas.

One of the main things I’ve been thinking is more content. More tutorials, mainly – since the majority of people are here because of them. However, there’s only so many tutorials I can make, so I have an idea which ties in with the other main thing I’ve been thinking about – making a bigger community.

My idea is to make a user-submitted tutorial section. Not necessarily tutorials they’ve made, but tutorials they find – there are thousands of freely available music production tutorials out there that are all over the internet and I thought it’d be a good idea if we could bring them together all in one place. Embedding videos where possible, otherwise linking to the tutorials on their respective websites.

We can get people to rate them in terms of whether they learned anything from them and categorise them in terms of software/hardware used, genres and what it’s teaching such as lead synths, live guitar recording or whatever.

We could also have other useful things, such as recommended sample packs/patches/files for use with tutorials, related tutorials and comments.

Now the obvious difficulty is moderating it – keeping it tidy would involve some people helping out as moderators. This works really well on forums all over the internet, so there’s no reason it can’t here. In fact, I thought it’d be good to integrate it so that the boyinaband forum and the tutorial submission system both used the same username for mods and users.

That way moderators would have control over the whole community.

So that’s the idea, so I have a few questions for you:

1. Do you guys think you’d use it?
2. Can you think of any ideas to make it better?
3. If anyone out there is any good with web development or web design that wants to help develop it (I use wordpress and PHPBB3) please send me an e-mail or leave a comment. It’d be awesome to get a little dev team organised to put it all together!


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10 Responses to “*Kicks* Merry Xmas! I’ve got an idea…”

  1. I love your work and I know a guy who uses wordpress for all his sites. He doesn’t really do anything with them but I’m sure he could help design a new site for you and make it more forum based. One of his sites: http://www.derpz.com/

  2. I am a web developer but I’m on M$ side(meaning I’m using M$ ASP.NET and not PHP ^^)
    Anyway great idea, it will be really good if it will be categorized well.

  3. Hey Dave! Thanks for the tutorial pack!

    I have an idea for you, how about (since you can’t do every sort of tutorial out there) – you go through and do a tutorial on each genre of dance / techno / trance / etc of electronic music. You have covered your main stream trance, dub, electro , dnb, etc.. Maybe you could do some underground stuff like UG techno – acid – hard techno / ug house etc..
    I do like the idea about allowing others to post tutorials of outsiders – which can be great as long as it’s been check by a admin so that’s helpful towards us. You’re site is great and again, thanks for everything!!! :) Merry Christmas and have a safe NY!

  4. I may not have anything to offer in terms of developing these ideas, but reckon I’d use the resource (so long as things were categorized in some useful manner, as Adir suggests).

  5. Have you seen the propellerheads forum? It has a thread called ‘the big list of propellerheads tutorials’. It’s the first sticky in the general forum. I can’t link since you need to login.

    That list is extensive, so should make for a good start! Great site Dave. Thank you!

  6. Morning,
    Yeah I tend to agree with maybe at least making a basic link exchange page at first.
    See how it turns out – and then if its not too bloated, or depending on the quality of it – build a bit of a frontend over it to rate/moderate/etc.
    But yeah, keep it simple at first (links page) and see how it grows?

    I’d deffiantely use it, would love to skim though a page to find ‘how to use ableton/reason+x+y with z to do a b and c with a fat grindy d.’

    Also, cool Ziggy – I’ll have to check that out…

  7. Cheers for the opinions and ideas guys!

    Joel – if you can direct your friend towards the boyinaband forum, that’s where we’ll be pooling our human resources and getting everyone working together on the development :D Thanks!

  8. Hi Dave, I sent you an email with a question that has to do with motivation. On the flip-side, Im a graphic/web designer. I specialize in making things beautiful, so I may be of assistance in this matter.



  9. Like everyone else here I really appreciate the effort you make in sharing your knowledge. And I too am primarily here because of the tutorials as I am something of a beginner with Reason.

    However, what I would like to see is the possibility to collaborate with others. My idea is that is could function essentially like a discussion thread. Someone begins by posting the skeleton of an idea as a RNS file (available for others to download), and we develop the idea rather like a tutorial. There are many different variations on how this idea could work, but I think of it more like an interactive tutorial.

    One other variations is to use the samples provided at http://www.realworldremixed.com/ e.g. “Games without Frontiers” and have a reason tutorial based around this.


  10. Hi Dave! I want to thank you for all the effort to keep this community on the play. I love all your work and I think that the big list tutorial’s idea it’s a very good beginning to built a big archive of worlwide music production works, thanks again an peace from Tijuana, México.

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