It’s been an emotional journey, but the 7 day song dirty dubstep tutorial is over!

In day 7, we explore mixing and mastering the track in reason 5, then play the final song.

Check out day 7 and the final finished song here!

There are some electronic music genres that jump out at you and smack you right in the face. Ones that are so unignorable that they simply force you to pay attention. Psytrance is not one of them.

What is it then? Why has this genre survived for so long with attention spans getting shorter and other, more obvious genres standing out so much more clearly? Let’s ask some questions… Continue reading »

Day 6 of the 7 day song ties up most of the loose ends with a look at fx, arranging the track and choosing the notes!

Useful for anyone who has their synth-making sorted and just has trouble organising their songs.

Click here for day 6 of the 7 Day Song Dirty Dubstep Tutorial!

For Day 5 of the 7 day song on Dirty Dubstep, we finish off the synths with some big pads to fill out the breakout section.

It’s always important to make your midrange nice and weighty for big tunes, so get on it!

Click here for day 5 of the 7 day song dirty dubstep tutorial!

It’s not all about the basses – you need some leads to balance the tune.

There is no good without evil, no right without wrong – so go make some high end synths to accompany your low end basses!

click here for day 4 of the 7 day song dirty dubstep tutorial!

I knew you hadn’t had enough bass-patch making yet!

Here’s the third bass synth of the series, with a sub to chuck underneath it to actually get those speakers cones earning their keep.

Click here for day 3 of the 7 day song dirty dubstep tutorial!


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