Since the last sample pack was such a success, I put together another one!

This Snappy Snares Sample Pack collates several seriously usable specifically snappy snare samples side by side for some sweet percussion with no shortage of onomatopoeic smack!

I’ve made them more top-end focused, but there’s a few punchy ones to layer if you so wish.

Right click and click “save as” on this link to download the samples!

Want a sample pack for a specific genre of music/certain type of samples? Suggest it in a comment below and maybe I’ll make it for next month!


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23 Responses to “Free Sample Pack: Snappy Snares”

  1. Thanks for the site and all the information Dave. Would love some Depeche Mode-esq samples – heck, anything 80′s like Duran Duran arpeggiations, Frank Goes to Hollywood synths, etc…

  2. Sweet, cheers :)

  3. For some reason, when I try to unRAR them, it says that there aren’t any files to extract.

  4. Thanks Dave,appreciate all your hard work here.

  5. Nice samples there!
    Would really love some hardstyle, UK harcore, or some handzup samples! Having a hard time getting the sounds made on reason by myself. :/

  6. make a vocal cuts and stabs sample pack!
    that would be coool!

  7. or short nasty bass stabs for drum and bass and dubstep

  8. 8-bit sample’s from shirobon!
    or some nice filthy dubstep drops

  9. Some bone crunching Dubstep snaps/clicks/snares

  10. Thanks man, great stuff your doing!

  11. thank for tutorials on youtube they really help me on reason it is so many things i did not know about.

  12. Dave , im running a Mac OSX and for some reason ( no pun intended :P ) it will not open the smaples ? they are downloaded as a .rar file? please help!

  13. samples *

  14. Would love some contemporary techno samples and tutorials!.. thanks dave,
    great work!

  15. i cant download this :( whyyyyyyyy oh whyyyy!!! i want it!

  16. thanks man to all the samples and tutorials !!

  17. have any i can download for mac?!?!?!

  18. Could you make a moombah tutorial? That would be awesome. It’s on the rise and I would love to learn more about it. Thanks.

  19. Thanks Dave!
    Make sure to check my new track out.
    Youtube Luke Sega for tracks of mine!

  20. hey thanks alot for the samples mate, im just gettin used to using reason 4 and im on a budget of zero, so things like this are big help ,
    p.s keep up the gud work with the help vids and gud luck with your music dude!

  21. Damn this is annoying I don’t have WinRar so I can’t get the samples. >:(

  22. Thank you BIAB!!!!! i have been looking for a perfect snare and this pack has the exact one i have been looking for. i cant thank you enough!!

  23. is it just me, or are there a lot of VexST samples here?
    i was kinda confused when i got a lot of duplicate samples with different names…
    not that its a problem or anything i guess…

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