For some reason I’ve been really feeling the lighter side of music (probably a polar reaction after making the Dirty Dubstep 7 day song) so I put together a sweet little sample pack for people making liquid drum and bass!

I called it liquid hits because I enjoy rhyme.

25 kicks, snares, claps and hats that are all nice and driving without being too overwhelming.

Right click and click “save as” on this link to download the samples!

Let me know if you have any ideas for next month’s sample pack in a comment below!


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18 Responses to “Free Sample Pack: Liquid Hits”

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  2. grime/garage sample pack would be smashing

  3. you could upload your combinator patches ;)

  4. hey!
    why dont you go ahead to get together a fx-samplapack? with reverses and booms and reverses, some reverses would be great, too…

  5. Nice, cheers for these Dave :)

  6. Thanks for the samples. How do i convert them to a kit file in reason 4?

  7. just worked it out,

  8. bad ass as always.

  9. so what is this? like something that you can sample drums on to record songs with? and do you know any free guitar tracking software?

  10. the sample pac doesn’t work… or i can’t download it :p

  11. i’m unable to download the sample pack..
    the extension is txt?

    so what happend to the sampl pack?

  12. anyway you could upload the 4 bar break that you posted on the video please :)


  14. Groovy percussion hits, to help give a track some interesting groove and uniqueness.

  15. bare respect man. new to this producin ting u helped me out alot. bless

  16. aaaaaaaa you should make mac version download link too!!!!!!!!

  17. Lovely sounds!

    Am I the only one having trouble syncing these samples? The actual hit doesn’t come immediately in the samples, so when I load them into a sampler, every hit is out of sync with my other samples. Am I missing something?

  18. Fidden,

    If you’re using Reason 4 or earlier or just prefer Redrum, right click the name of the sample (near the play and load sample buttons) and click “Edit Sample.” Then just move the Start flag to where the snare hits. If you’re using Kong, NN Nano has a little knob that lets you change the start of the sample.

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