Hey there guys, I’ve just updated the “About the Band” page so you can listen to YAWA’s newer music – I figured it might make sense.   If you haven’t already, let me know what you think of it!

Got some pretty exciting things going on behind the scenes with You and What Army lately; could result in some awesome industry insight.   If it does, you know I’ll keep you in the loop! :D

Okay, I promised you something cool today, and here it is!

A nice little tutorial on how to make Hip Hop Hits.   You’ll probably want to see this one, even if you aren’t a hip hop producer.

Trust me.

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Hi, I’m Dave from boyinaband.com and this Community Question comes from Kinal493 from the boyinaband forum:

“I’ve just made a dubstep track with some big drums and a big bass, which is causing a lot of clipping in the track.
When i try running the mix through a maximiser or try applying a mastering suite it causes a huge reduction in the “richness” of the track (the drums sound weak etc).
So I’m wanting to know how to remove the clipping but still maintain a heavy sound.
Is it even necessary to prevent clipping with dubstep tracks?”

That’s a good question Kinal493!

Okay, Firsly – clipping in any genre of music is generally a bad thing. Unless you’re making Continue reading »

Rene, Product Manager for Primeloops.com, talks about his experiences with production and the music industry!

I sat down with Ben from Prime Loops and discuss music, business and music business! Useful for anyone looking to make money in a musical career. Or people who like frickin’ sweet beatboxers.

Coming up over the next few days…

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Hi, I’m Dave from boyinaband.com and welcome to this short interview series on the people behind the awesome sample website Primeloops.com.

More specifically, These guys – Ben and Rene, the managing director and product manager for Primeloops – so they know their stuff when it comes to music.

When I started boyinaband, Primeloops was the first Continue reading »


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