The winners have been announced here!


It’s competition time again guys; and with the biggest prize haul yet, you’re going to want to try this one!

Watch the video:

Listen to the song:

Nebula by Youandwhatarmy

Then here’s how you enter… 

To enter:

1. Make your song with the stems (The song is 160bpm) that you can download from here:

2. Make a tutorial explaining how you made your favourite synth sound in the remix. If you’re making a video tutorial, try one of the following pieces of free screen capture software:

Camtasia Free Trial:

Other screen capture software:

3. Upload your song to the Boyinaband Soundcloud Drop Box:

4. Head over to the boyinaband forum and embed both the song you uploaded to soundcloud and the tutorial (video or text, it’s your choice) into a new topic in the “Nebula Remix Composition Competition” section.

You can find that forum here:

Then go have a look at the prizes you could win:

Primeloops Samples:
Sugar Bytes Store:
Fabfilter Mastering Bundle:
Soundcloud Premium Account:
Reason Record Duo:
Previous Boyinaband Winner Promo Vid:

Have Fun!

Video Text

Hi, I’m Dave from – and welcome to the third Composition Competition, where you can win a crapload of free stuff for producing awesome music!

This composition competition is a bit different – whereas previously I’ve specified a genre to try producing, this time we’re going to try a remix competition where you can try any genre you fancy.

The song we’ll be remixing is “Nebula” by You and What Army. You may recognise the rapper’s voice. So firstly, listen to the song right here or at the link below, and I’ll link to the vocal stems below. If you’re a Reason user, either get rewiring, or if you haven’t got a DAW and are too scared to download Reaper or something, snip them up and put them in an NN-XT instance to play with them over your track.

As well as making a song, you have to make a tutorial on how you made your favourite synth in the track. It can be an awesome lead, a dirty bass, some crazy FX or a lush pad – anything you particularly like about your track.

It can be a text tutorial or a YouTube video tutorial. I recommend the free trial of camtasia if you are doing a video tutorial, or if you’ve already used the trial up and don’t want to buy it just yet, I’ll link to a bunch of other free screen capture programs below:

Once you’ve made your song, upload it to the boyinaband dropbox on soundcloud (link below) then post it on the boyinaband forum under the “Nebula Remix Composition Competition” section. Include the embedded song and the tutorial in the post – You can post the patch as well, but you don’t have to.


It will be judged on:

1. The production quality of the song (How much it sounds like it’s a pro song)
2. The clarity and conciseness of the tutorial (Explain why you do things, but don’t waffle too much!)
3. The originality – (if there’s anything that stands out as frickin’ cool and unique, it’ll be rewarded.)

If your song is good, that will help, but if you make a sweet song with the best synth sound ever, then in the tutorial you don’t explain why each step of making your synth is necessary, you probably won’t win.


I’ve been working hard to get a bigger prize haul than ever before, so check out what we’ve got this time:

The guys over at have once again provided some fantastic prizes for the competition – The overall winner will be given 3 sample packs of their choice, with two runners up winning a sample pack of their choice each!

There’s some great software from Sugar Bytes on offer – they’ve said the winner can have any two pieces of software from their online store. I don’t know if you’ve heard of “Effectrix”, but it’s one of my favourite VSTs – amazing for glitchy sounds and turntable stops amongst other things; these guys made that.

Also we’ve got a Mastering Bundle from Fabfilter – three really high quality VSTs for limiting, EQing and Compression that I’ve taken to using – they have great real time monitoring on them as well so you can really see what they’re doing to your sounds.

And that’s not all! have been nice enough to offer a Soundcloud Pro Account for a year as a prize. If you haven’t got a soundcloud account and you’re a producer you really should get one, since it’s a great community and service for sharing songs. The Pro account allows unlimited downloads, really in-depth stats and tons of other things.

Phew, what a frickin’ sweet prize haul! That’s a hell of a lot of- hang on, what was that imaginary voices in my head? Sounds kinda like a propeller… ah yes! Propellerhead Software has contributed a copy of the Record Reason Duo – that’s both Reason 5 and Record 1.5 – as well.

Finally, The winner will also be promoted in a video on the boyinaband channel as the competition winner, with a link to their song and (if they have one) their youtube channel. Both runners up will also get mentions and links as well. Check out the last video to get an idea of what it’ll look like:

For more info on all those prizes, check out the links below.


- The remix must be your own work
- It must include the vocal stems in a recognisable form
- It must be uploaded to the boyinaband dropbox on
- It must then be posted on the forum with the accompanying tutorial.
- You must post both a song and a tutorial
- It can be made with any software or hardware.
- It must be posted before June 1st.
- Each song you respond with will count as one entry – you can make as many entries as you want.

Loads of Prizes, loads of musical freedom and loads of insight into how to make awesome synths – this will be a frickin’ awesome competition. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Have fun!


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  1. What key is the song in?


  2. What key is the song in

  3. You picked my second favourite YAWA song. Next time make a “I am the Navigator” contest ;) Giant prizes though…

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