Just watched this video response to my Dubstep Guitar video, a great introduction to the basics of dubstep piano, as well as quite a concise description of the origins of Dubstep.

It’s great to see more people performing their drops with live instruments rather than simply programming them.   It adds a certain je-ne-sais-quoi, you know?

Hey guys!

It’s my 24th year of existing today.  Here’s a picture of me with some presents I recieved:

What you know ’bout cheesy 2010 pop music?

But yeah, I just felt I should do a quick post to say how I love the direction this site is heading.

I’m working on much more regular content from september onwards, including a frickin’ awesome competition (any ideas for competitions?   Let me know in the forum!) and some videos I can’t wait to show you.

Cheers to everyone that’s following boyinaband – There’s lots to look forward to!

I’m off to go eat my weight in white chocolate and play Dragon Age 2.

Later mi amigos!

I’ve been working on some new vids at the moment, so to keep you going my homeslice Noisestorm who helped with the Jump Up DnB 7 Day Song just made a sweet tutorial on one of his dubstep basses in Reason

He’s really blowing up lately (well, not really, figuratively.) – check him out so you can be a hipster and say you liked him before he was world famous!

I request that I can pick your brains! (not literally.)

Those Questions again:

Would you be interested in a BIAB Seminar?

Is £250 a reasonable price for an intense weekend course?

What would you like to learn / do there?

Beginner or Advanced?

Any other ideas for raising money so I can do all those videos anyway without NextUp?


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