Hey guys!

It’s my 24th year of existing today.  Here’s a picture of me with some presents I recieved:

What you know ’bout cheesy 2010 pop music?

But yeah, I just felt I should do a quick post to say how I love the direction this site is heading.

I’m working on much more regular content from september onwards, including a frickin’ awesome competition (any ideas for competitions?   Let me know in the forum!) and some videos I can’t wait to show you.

Cheers to everyone that’s following boyinaband – There’s lots to look forward to!

I’m off to go eat my weight in white chocolate and play Dragon Age 2.

Later mi amigos!


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11 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Dave! – Mini Update”

  1. Happy Birthday!!

    I agree with you, and like what you’re doing with your site. Keep it up!

  2. white chocolate FTW

  3. Hi, Dave. Happy birthday, even i could be your mother i love you, you’re so talented, i love your tutorials and my daughter(she is 15 years old and is a singer) would love that picture of you, because she is a Britney’s fan. Have a nice day.


  5. Happy B Day BOI!!!! :)

  6. Hey happy b day. Seems ur doin great things with ur life and not even a quarter thru it. U should def have a song competition for any genre as much as u can, if possible. but keep up the great work. youve inspired me and as far as I can see many others and in this day and age thats true progress.

  7. happy bdae man have a great dae hey

  8. Thanks for all your wise and witty help.Happy birfday

  9. Happy Birthday! I wish I birthed you :(

  10. Cheers for the birthday niceness guys! I had a wonderous day. Just been working on the competition video – exciting times!

  11. Feliz Cumpleanos Dave

    Btw – it’s actually “mis amigos”

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