I request that I can pick your brains! (not literally.)

Those Questions again:

Would you be interested in a BIAB Seminar?

Is £250 a reasonable price for an intense weekend course?

What would you like to learn / do there?

Beginner or Advanced?

Any other ideas for raising money so I can do all those videos anyway without NextUp?


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17 Responses to “NextUp Result / BIAB IRL?”

  1. I would be interested if I didn’t live in Australia… which, I’ve noticed, as a general rule makes it more expensive to attend things in the UK, which I’ve also noticed makes it much harder when I wouldn’t be able to afford the seminar in the first place…

    Cool idea though, you could also try advertising more locally and get people that may not even know about this site by using newspaper ads or what have you and putting “Music Production Course” or something, while remembering to scatter the letters “DJ” throughout the ad without actually saying that you’ll be teaching people how to do it.

    You could do both advanced and beginner, especially if you had someone else to help run it (which is just generally a good idea anyway) but even if you don’t you could do something to get everyone started on their work and then take questions, so then advanced people could ask for more advanced help and beginners… well you probably get the idea.

    Sort of like if you were running a programming course and you have people who know the language and those who don’t, go at a pace everyone can follow but then let the more advanced people go ahead and start looping arrays and whatnot.

    $250 seems reasonable to me though I don’t really know what exactly you’d be doing, from what I understand however this would probably be considered a “workshop” (I don’t know if it’s just an Australian term) type of thing, which apparently has nothing to do with work nor shops, but you should probably make some sort of certificate that can then be waved in the face of others and make people feel special about participating.

    What I’d go for would be to expand knowledge about the actual arrangement and notes you use, since I’ve never been taught music in any way, but even more particularly how/which/when to use/do things (progressions, melodies, how to combine them & etc.) specific to electronic music and/or a certain genre (I tend to only make Drum & Bass).

    Okay I’m finished my essay now…

  2. First off, sorry ab not winning the competition. Your a freakin talented dude who knows his stuff when it comes to music. I’ve been subscribed to your page since Jan 2011, when I was first introduced Reason, and I must say without your site, I’d be completely and utterly lost. Your tutorials are sweet. So with that outta the way, this idea, I think, is fantastico. Without a doubt I would be there.  Only problem is I live in the U.S (unfortunately) so there is no way I’d be able to make it out to the U.K.  Could be a problem for Other countries I suppose…  The cost is low in comparison to what I just researched. But fair I think in terms of what your trying to accomplish.  As far as what to learn, Dubstep has pretty much taken over electronic music in the U.S… But other electronic music is awesome! My style is to generally create electronic music that I like but turn it into something different with a huge bass drop thrown somewhere in the mix.  Which can be hard to put together in the wrong genre for beginners. A general dubstep bass doesn’t fit in everywhere, so bass line incorporation training for sure.  That and making the beat.  You just can’t rely on samples and a good beat makes the track and is also somewhat difficult to really get down  from start to finish with all the different pieces.  Maybe talk ab the different parts of a kit and really break down what each piece can  do.  Let’s face it, people love their beats fast and bass down lowwww.  And it would be perfect for a seminar bc everyone has there own style and to bounce ideas around and collectively put together songs would be the greatest thing ever. And, you’ll want all kinds of brains there, beginner or expert level. Someone isn’t going to just pay 300+ $/£ to attend a seminar if they don’t have at lest some kind of knowledge. Keep it fun!  Hope these ideas helped. I’m severely bored at the moment so I figured I’d leave a page long comment. Thanks for reading!

  3. Cheers for the essays/ideas from both of you guys. I think a more fluid workshop (it does seem more fun/informal than “seminar”) would be best so beginners and advanced people can benefit. Maybe have some basics at the start and split the group as it goes on (especially if I have someone there to help out).

    Lots to think about!

  4. I would love to go but unfortunately i too live in the united states. im very sorry about you not winning the contest, your a very good producer and you keep us entertained with your jokes and the music you make is grade A! When it comes to making music sharing your knowledge with the world, you are number 1 Dave. the EDM scene will only get bigger and many more people will want to become up coming producers. when it comes to “where to start?” people will only think of one program(that i hear alot) and that’s fruity loops. Your tutorials changed minds of young producers and even made some of my friends use reason. I think to further in your subscribers and fans on your music and tutorials i think you should explain to people where did you get the skills that you’ve gotten today? a mash up of Reason and Massive to produce some seriously Dirty Ass Dubstep! and throw out that 7 day Hardstyle tutorial people are oh so waiting for lol. in the end, you have my approval Dave. keep making those tutorials and i will forever be your follower :)

  5. Have you thought about selling Reason Refills?

  6. Being a poor Canadian, I would be unable to purchase a plane ticket to England to attend a seminar. If I lived there, I’d probably be all over that. Maybe if you had a digital broadcast as well (perhaps at a discount???) that’d be pretty great, and wouldn’t cost me a grand just to get there and back.

    Also: Hotel Room.

  7. Dave, sounds like an awesome idea. Is there a way you can set up a video session seminar? You can always figure out a way to charge those to access a specific ip address and have real time web conferencing. Also I want to say I love your tutorials. I have learned so much :) . I am having problems on tricks on sound fx vocal recording with reason. Not many people show anything on those concepts. Anyway, can you focus a tutorial on some fx sounds and tricks?

  8. You’re tutorials are always a big help, and they’re the most clear and on point I can find. Too bad I’m all the way in the U.S., otherwise I would’ve gladly joined.

  9. Hi Dave!
    I am interested in the seminar and ready to spend £250, but I live in Russia, so…

    I would be interested in:
    creating synths patches
    tips and trick of EQing, compressing and other sound’s effects
    techniques of mastering
    composition standarts of various music styles (especially darkside and liquid DnB, Dirty Dubstep, Industrial, Ambient, IDM).

    How about for the raising money use Paypal account for voluntary donation? I would gladly sent a few dozen GBP.

    And yeah, I am begginer.

    Thanks very very much for your site, excellent tutorials and your ultra humor and that you inspired me and gave basic knowledge for music creation!
    Good luck, Dave!
    (sorry for my lousy english :)

  10. I’ve been following you from YouTube for a while, didn’t realize you had a site. You’re teaching style is nice. I actually voted for you, very sorry you didn’t win.

    The seminar idea sounds really good. I’m in Birmingham. Send me an email, regarding funding, event planning etc I may be able to help you out.

  11. Hey Dave! Your site is amazing! I don’t know what I would’ve done without it!!! Thanx 4 it!!! I’m Canadian, from Montreal, Quebec….more preciselly……and I don’t think I’ll be able to attend that workshop ;) , even though I would really need it….. But if you’re planning to come to Montreal, holla at your boy!!!

    250$ is not expansive, considering all the help you give us with your site….
    And about what we would like to learn? I’m talking for myself… but I think there is too many aspects of music production to revise….We are never too good to stop learning…And nobody is at the level so…..that kinda makes difficult to satisfy everybody. A suggestion, you should do a plan…and propose it in a video….

  12. Hey, I don’t have anything much too add other than I think 250 pounds sounds reasonable and would be interested if it where somewhere in london or nearby to that. thanks for all your tuts in the past as well!

  13. Would you be interested in a BIAB Seminar?
    Mmmerrrmmmerrrrr, dunno.
    Is £250 a reasonable price for an intense weekend course?
    If you were into that kinda thing and there were stickers.
    What would you like to learn / do there?
    Some ideas for live performance, advanced combinators for triggering samples and effects, using the stereo field, customising interfaces, making and using rex files, how to be cool, how to talk to traditional musicians, how to totally rip off simon fuller.
    Beginner or Advanced?
    hmmm….bored or confused.. I’d go with confused..
    Any other ideas for raising money so I can do all those videos anyway without NextUp?
    I have plans, not for public eyes but like everyone else I’m looking for funding. Some credibility and your backing would help but I’ve still got a lot of pieces to put together before I’m ready to present it.

  14. I would totally sign up and i honestly can’t afford it. I would make time/money though. The fact that i am able to absorb what you teach in your tutorials is enough to sell me on any sort of workshop/seminar. It’s hard for me to find someone I can actually understand (let alone learn from). I live in Austin, Texas (the supposed live music capital “of the world”) and even with all the weekend courses here i would still hold out for yours. And travel oceans mind you. Forget the haters let those who want to learn come and reap the knowledge they paid for. You have a great thing going here and the youtube contest is minute in the scale of what you are going to accomplish. I know this isn’t the most helpful comment but you should know the dedication with which many fans wait for your next release. I do agree with having someone helping run it though it would help the general stress level/organizational structure. Look forward to hearing of the next development.

  15. A paid weekend webinar (ie. 3 sessions of 3 hours each) where you go through a lesson plan and Q&A could easily sell for $50-100 per person — or you could increase the price to let the market impose a limit — which would be great as this would definitely accommodate people outside the UK (like me). It makes sense since your audience is learning from you through video anyway. Plus, no hotel expenses so all the funds will go directly to you!

  16. Just a random idea to make some monies. You could try getting an endorsement from another software company to promote and do tutorials for their DAW (*cough* Ableton *wink*). Maybe you already have something like that with Propellerhead….

  17. Ideas for money; you could sign up your band, You And What Army, on ReverbNation and get started there. You have to sign up for FairShare to make money, though. FairShare takes 50% of the advertisement revenue that they get from your page views, plays on your songs, etc and just gives it to you! They don’t dish out any money until the end of the month, though, and a paypal account (free, credit card or banking account required though) is required for them to put the money into.

    Or, if you’d rather not split the money with your band mates, just sign up under a random DJ Pseudonym like DJ Sparkly Heterophones.

    Just some thoughts. Cheers.

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