A few of you guys asked, and since it ties in nicely with this week’s Dubstep Beatboxing video, here’s an explanation:


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7 Responses to “How I Learned to Beatbox”

  1. hey! my fav is DubFx, he´s awesome, as all beatboxers are because beatboxing is awesome.
    and dave is awesome, as he´s a beatboxer..

  2. some of the most awesome and creative beatboxers out there to me are :
    -Rahzel (tha king of the art, i think)
    -Kid Beyond, who performs entire songs live by looping beatboxing and sung musical phrases
    -Tim Exile, who does a similar thing but with the terrific effects he created for Reaktor

  3. do you still live in telford dave?

  4. Forgot to say – you should check his other videos as well, he’s an awesome live performer.

  5. I agree with Dave when he says that Beardyman is amazing, although he didnt say it …. he forgot …………
    I think one of my favourites is Daichi .. atleast i think thats how you spell it … he is japanese and amazing.
    Im going to post a video response to this on youtube of my Dubstep Beatboxing :)

  6. Of course beatboxing is cool! You’d have to be some kind of crazy foo to think otherwise :)

    A list of favourites would be: DubFX, Beardyman, Reeps One, Kenny Mohammed (your man from MSI’s version of LaDiDa) and Felix Zenger.

    The latter of whom, did this, which kicks ass.



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