This mix was organised by the community on the boyinaband forum – to get your tracks in the next mix and promoted to the boyinaband audience, get on the forum and get involved! :D

Mixed by 2nd Chance -

Those tracks in full:

1. Diffusion – Phase Labs

2. 4-8 – 2nd Chance (aka Super Alex)

3. Summer Night (Club Mix) – Nequissimus

4. From Through the Clouds – Medik (aka Alexc)

5. Back Up (Basscrap Edit) – Spider Fingers

6. Painting a Bird – Basscrap

7. Extreme Precision – Malleus

In the spirit of this week’s live electronica performance video, I figured this was a fitting topic to vlog about.

Let’s take a moment to ask the question: What makes for awesome electronic music?   Share your opinions in the comments and let’s find out!  Continue reading »

Today I talk about the vocal processing and the setting up of my MPC, Kaoss Pad and CDJ on my electronics rig (rig really does make it sound more impressive than “box” doesn’t it?).

To enter the skyline remix composition competition, click the part of this sentence that looks like it should be clicked.

Not entirely sure why I’m referring to myself in the third person in the title there, but here’s this week’s video, a live performance of my remix of Skyline, giving you a bit of inspiration for the skyline remix composition competition!

The “Making of” tutorial is coming tomorrow :)





The composition competition arises once more to bring all you awesome producers together to duke it out over the coolest prize yet!

(Duke it out is a suitably old English-sounding phrase to imply a friendly competition – don’t forget to critique other entries; No mean old talent hoarding allowed!)

Watch the video:

Listen to the song:
Skyline by Youandwhatarmy

Then here’s how you enter…
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