The composition competition arises once more to bring all you awesome producers together to duke it out over the coolest prize yet!

(Duke it out is a suitably old English-sounding phrase to imply a friendly competition – don’t forget to critique other entries; No mean old talent hoarding allowed!)

Watch the video:

Listen to the song:
Skyline by Youandwhatarmy

Then here’s how you enter…

To enter:

1. Make your song with the stems (The song is 120bpm) that you can download from here:

2. Make a tutorial explaining how you made a part of the remix you’re proud of. If you’re making a video tutorial, try one of the following pieces of free screen capture software:

Camtasia Free Trial:

Other screen capture software:

3. Upload your song to your Soundcloud account (make one if you don’t already have one)

4. Head over to the boyinaband forum and embed both the song you uploaded to soundcloud and the tutorial (video or text, it’s your choice) into a new topic in the “Skyline Remix Composition Competition” section.

You can find that forum here:

Then go have a look at the prizes you could win:

Primeloops Samples:
Soundcloud Premium Account:
Missing Pieces – Feedback Echo Refill: 
Reason 6: 
Previous Boyinaband Winner Promo Vid:

Have Fun!

Video Text

Hi, I’m Dave from – and welcome to the fourth Composition Competition, where you can win frickin’ sweet stuff for producing frickin’ sweet music!This composition competition is going to be a remix one, like the last one.

The song we’ll be remixing is “Skyline” by my band You and What Army.   So firstly, listen to the song right here: [insert link to Skyline] or at the link below, and I’ll link to the vocal stems that you’ll be playing with below.   I’ll chuck in some guitar and synth stems too, though you’re welcome to record some guitar of your own.

[terrible guitar playing and overly happy face]

though you probably wouldn’t win with that particular riff.

As well as making a song, you have to make a tutorial on a part of your track you’re particularly proud of – A nice drum sound, a sweet synth, how you managed to effectively create a melodic patch out of a giraffe’s vocalisations – anything you like.

It can be a text tutorial or a YouTube video tutorial.   I’ll put links below to screen capture software.

[I recommend the free trial of camtasia if you are doing a video tutorial, or if you’ve already used the trial up and don’t want to buy it just yet, I’ll link to a bunch of other free screen capture programs below:]

Once you’ve made your song, upload it to soundcloud, then post it on the boyinaband forum under the “Skyline Remix Composition Competition” section. Include the embedded song and the tutorial in the post, then offer your critiques on some other entries or songs in the “Share your music” section.   Yes, it’s a competition, but the main point of this is so we can help each other get better.   


It will be judged on:

1. The production quality of the song [How much it sounds like it’s a pro song]
2. The clarity and conciseness of the tutorial [Explain why you do things, but don’t waffle too much]
3. How it rates on the Frickin’ Sweetometer I just made up- uh, I mean, invented. [somewhere between originality and goodness]

So if you make a frickin’ sweet song with the best synth sound ever, then you knock up the tutorial in 2 minutes, you’re probably not going to win.


So why should you enter?

The guys over at have once again offered some of their awesome products – The overall winner will be given 3 sample packs of their choice, with two runners up winning a sample pack of their choice each! have offerd a Soundcloud Pro Account for a year to the winner and two lite accounts for the two runners up as well.   These accounts give you space, stats and other cool stuff for your soundcloud to help promote your tunes effectively.

We’ve also got a sweet reason refill from Navi Retlav, the Missing Pieces – Feedback echo refill, which has loads of awesome echoey effects.

And it’s time for the mammoth prize!   Can we have a suitably mammoth soundtrack to introduce it?   …No?   How about a crudely drawn picture of a mammoth and an overenthusiastic donk?   That’ll do.

Propellerhead have really come through this time and have said they’ll provide a copy of – I know you’re desperate for me to say it – Reason 6 for the winner.   Yep, the shiny new software with all the shiny new features.   Don’t say I don’t hook you up, guys.   Even cooler, the competition winner will be announced on September 30th – the release date for Reason 6.   So you get it pretty much as soon as it’s released.   The bragging rights alone are worth entering for.

Also, I’ve decided to offer the first monetary prize for a boyinaband competition – the winner will recieve [looks through wallet] £2.03.

Finally, The winner will also be promoted in a video on the boyinaband channel as the competition winner, with a link to their song and (if they have one) their youtube channel. Both runners up will also get mentions and links as well.   Check out the last video to get an idea of what it’ll look like:

For more info on all those prizes, check out the links below.

Primeloops Samples:
Soundcloud Premium Account:
Missing Pieces – Feedback Echo Refill:
Reason 6:
Previous Boyinaband Winner Promo Vid:


- That was a lie
- The remix must be your own work
- By entering, you allow me to use your song in the promotional video for it
- It must include the vocal stems in a recognisable form
- It must be posted on the forum with the accompanying tutorial.
- Don’t forget to critique some other songs after you’ve posted yours
- It can be made with any software or hardware and it can be any genre.
- It must be posted on or before September 26th – that’s the deadline.
- Each song you respond with will count as one entry – you can make as many entries as you want.

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with.   Download those stems, have fun, and in case you were wondering, it’s a frickin’ nightmare trying to find a giraffe sample on the internet.   I’m pretty sure they’re mute.

Cheers for watching and have a nice day!


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12 Responses to “Skyline Remix Composition Competition [Closed]”

  1. Oh christ. The guitar parts specifically cry out for dubstep/drumstep and instinctively I want to dive headfirst into that. But a lot of people are going to do that…hmm…tricky…
    I might give a Complextro mix a go :P

  2. Looking forward to hearing it! :D

  3. I’m so gutted I didn’t notice the comps earlier…the other ones were right up my street..anyway – this seems like a tricky(er) one so i’ll give it a go!

    Can I just ask though…are there more comps in the future?

    Cheers man, and keep up the good work!

  4. Nice! Sounds sweet, would love to participate, good luck to all the entries, I look forward to listening! :D

  5. looking good but can we have MIDI files for the chord progression on the chorus at least ?

  6. Is it possible to get the key of the song, or do I have to figure it out myself?

  7. I think it’s D Minor :)

  8. Thank you

  9. I don’t know if its just a problem on my end, but i’m getting a 404 object-not-found error message for the mediafire link to the stems, anyone else getting this?

  10. If you go to the forum, I think someone posted a mirror link to the stems.

    Also, I’m getting my song critiqued by various people, so it should be on it’s way soon. It’s a fusion of Trance and Trip-Hop. MWAHAHA!

  11. perhaps a justice style french remix or better still prodigy style…boom!

  12. So we can do a Dubstep remixx, Right?

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