So the 4th Composition Competition draws to a close.   Let’s see who those winners are!

The songs featured in this video are:

1st Place - Biometric:
2nd Place - Rmonik:
3rd Place - HuYnH:

Special Mentions:

Beast Among Angels Remix:
Da Wikked Remix:
Frickin' noisy Giraffe:

Specific genre remixes:

Hip Hop:
Trip Hop:
Electro Rock:

Other awesome entries:

Phase Labs:
Mr Marmalade:

Video Text

Hi! I’m Dave from and it’s time to announce the winners of the Skyline Remix composition competition, who will win some great prizes; some awesome sample packs from, the “Missing Pieces” refill, a Soundcloud Pro account, Reason frickin’ 6, and a spectacular cash prize! [shows £2.03 in change on screen]

As a little re-cap, entrants had to make a remix of my band You and What Army’s song Skyline, which sounds like this.


We had a record-breaking number of entries into a boyinaband competition again, and more annoyingly for me being the judge, tons of really good entries, making it frickin’ difficult to choose a winner. There were so many weird and wonderful genres of remixes too, along with the expected Dubstep, DnB and Electro House entries, we had

[show each, with a title on screen saying the genre and the person’s remix]
Hip Hop – Chambertrax
Trip Hop
Electro Rock (the one with the cool outro!)
and all kinds.

Before I go ahead and announce the winners, there are a few special mentions:

First one goes out to London-Based Beast Among Angels’ Remix, because, well… just listen.

[death metal]

And that’s gotta be one of the most epic choruses I’ve ever heard. Awesome to hear some metal in there!

And the next special mention goes out to Da Wikked from Amsterdam, who had a frickin’ sweet Dubstep entry, but it was the tutorial that stood out to me – One of the best of the whole competition, not just because it’s well put together, but he explains how he actually made his basses by going YOYOYOYWUPWUPWUP and processing the crap out of them.

Genius. Check out that tutorial here for both education and lols. The funniest part is it works really well.

An a quick shout out to DJ Hugz – you may remember that I said this in the original competition video:

[sepia effect]

make a tutorial on a part of your track you’re particularly proud of – A nice drum sound, a sweet synth, how you managed to effectively create a melodic patch out of a giraffe’s vocalisations – anything you like.

[back to normal]followed by

[sepia]and in case you were wondering, it’s a frickin’ nightmare trying to find a giraffe sample on the internet. I’m pretty sure they’re mute.

[back to normal]
I spent like an hour on YouTube and google trying to ensure I was right, then along comes DJ Hugz and discovers this: [play sound] – Just goes to show; no matter how much you Google a giraffe, someone else can always Google it harder. Kudos on the dedication there though, hugz!

I wish I had time to share every bit of awesomeness with you guys, since there were plenty of other awesome, funny and creative entries, but it is time to move on to announcing the winners!

So let’s start with our first runner up. In third place, hailing from Denmark we have… HuYnH! Hey, with a name like “win” I had to give him something. Fortunately, his entry was genuinely great – a frickin’ awesome Electro Remix and a quality tutorial on how to make one of the dirty basslines within it.

Great job, and that vocodery effect you put on my voice is so freakin’ cool. Boom! A Primeloops sample pack and a soundcloud lite account are yours.

Next runner up – in second place, You may know him from the top comment of my skrillex bass tutorial. [show], all the way from Belgium we have – Rmonik! With his incredible, chilled glitchy remix.

It was great to hear a more laid back take on the track – the piano is just gorgeous, and what took it over the edge was his tutorial explaining how he made those fantastic glitchy drums – along with providing a look into a glitchy combinator patch, which he’s given everyone the ability to download for free. Link to that in the description.

So! All that’s left is the mammoth announcement! The winner of the boyinaband Skyline composition competition is….

*drumroll* *dave coughs and the drumroll crashes assuming I announced the winner*

No, I was just coughing, drumroll again please… Representing for Germany, it’s Biometric! With his insanely frickin’ sweet Electro House entry and accompanying tutorial on a ridiculously cool squelchy electro bass.

What a drop, so well produced and the tutorial is really nicely put together – great quality, concise, informative and, kinda importantly, an awesome sound. That’s why he’s the winner of all dem prizes, including Reason 6 – which just came out today, incidentally! Good times.

Biometric also entered a dubstep remix, which was just as awesome and would have been the winning track, but what gave his electro one the edge, and took the frickin’ sweetometer off the charts was, well, take a listen to this part of the track: [cut to giraffe] – He actually did it.

Cheers so much to everyone who entered from all over the world. There are TONS of amazing entries – be sure to check out Malleus and Phase Labs, entries who both made seriously fun old school style Dubstep Remixes and fantastic tutorials, a great Drum and Bass track and tutorial from ReSet, Some seriously funky dubstep from Mr Marmalade, check out phortysix who had an incredible bassline, equivalent with his chilled dubstep remix, and so many other awesome entries that I can’t mention them all here. Links to all those in the description.

One of the coolest things about this competition is all the great critiques you guys offered – and even cooler, some of you suggesting you collaborate together. That’s what this is all about. Get on the forum, share your music that you want critiqued, and critique some tracks to help out.

We’re all going to continue getting better at producing, so I genuinely cannot wait for the next competition.

Be sure to check out my live remix of Skyline if you haven’t already. Cheers for watching, congrats to all the winners, and have a nice day!






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