A quick tutorial explaining how I put together the Djentstep song!

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Download it here: http://soundcloud.com/boyinabanddotcom/djentstep-dubstep-metal-genre

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Djent Metal has always been a passion of mine, So I decided to mash up two of my favourite genres Djent Metal and Dubstep

Polyrhythic Beats and Piercing Basses, side by side.

Also, there was post-processing, hence why the guitar magically stutters etc.

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Time for a classy advert:

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And part 4, the final part, closes this short series.   Again, sorry about the piercing bass (my ears must’ve been frickin’ tired to not notice how piercing that is!   I’m sure you’ve all been there though, where you come back and have no idea how you could think something sounded decent…)

Anyway, yeah, video:

Time to look at the wonders of the gatey, filtery goodness that Alligator provides!

BTW, the bass is way too piercing, I know that now – this is why you should come back to mixes later and adjust them!   This series was done in one sitting.


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