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Djent Metal has always been a passion of mine, So I decided to mash up two of my favourite genres Djent Metal and Dubstep

Polyrhythic Beats and Piercing Basses, side by side.

Also, there was post-processing, hence why the guitar magically stutters etc.


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14 Responses to “DJENTSTEP (Metal + Dubstep Genre Mash)”

  1. Great stuff! After discovering you today, my life has been made that little bit better. Chiptune to THIS? Fantastic. Eclectic. With tutorials thrown in. BIG UPS!

  2. Really liking the mashup Dave, great guitar tone and the Mpc sound awsome too. Done with Reason6?

  3. Amazing! Great work – Which samples are you using for the drums in this one?

  4. This was superior drummer layered with some dubsteppy samples, I think from a primeloops pack. Can’t remember which. Done in Sonar, this was before I had Reason 6.

  5. I liked the t-shirt the most.

  6. Yes! This is great; been waiting for a blend of metal and dubstep. Very well done, and props for the atheist producer t-shirt.

  7. I´d love to hear some details about how you got that super-tight guitar sound. Amping/Mic´ing/Virtual Amps, etc.?

    Maybe even some Guitar/Pickup – Advice for that particular style of metal?
    Dunno if too much guitar-talk would alienate some of your viewers though, but it surely wouldn´t hurt if you ask ME. ;)

  8. Whats the word I’m looking for…….Oh Yeah…..Sick! Hatz off to you Dave. Just recently opened the door to creating music via computer. Just want to say thanx a bunch for taking the time to make these tutorials, they definitely helped me wrap my head around DAWS and the whole world of Virtual Instruments.

  9. Awesome mash. Metal and Dubstep are not the easiest styles to mix into one song, but you guys have some serious talent. Keep it up!

  10. Xenosapien’s questions were along my thoughts…

    I’ve played in bands (Metal to Psydub) for years…I TRY to produce using Reason (Since ReBirth came out!) I’m also a qualified Sound engineer (Never found work in the field) but passionately live music. Why am I going on…?

    I play around with my Telecaster from time to time and was wondering how you got such a nice sound in the track?

    Have you tried emulating it in R6?

    Cheers now!

  11. Wow! :D

    I just got the same idea today. Mix metal with dubstep. The heaviest tones.

    Cool! stuff!

  12. Wow ! very good job ! do you work on other DJENTSTEP projects ? keep your style ;)

  13. Loved this as soon as I heard it and loved even more with every listening.

    What tuning did you use for the guitars? Your sixth string looked really loose and sounded low but your sound remained tight I dunno how you did that.

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