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  1. How do you write songs for YAWA? I mean the more trance metally songs like supernova (my favourite song in the world).

  2. how often do you cut your hair?

    I’m currently on about 3 a year, although my length tends to curl up and leave me with a lovely faux afro, or afraux

    p.s. I also have the same, dynamo torch you got for Christmas, except mine is pink, has ears, and the bulbs resemble nostrils, pretty sweet stuff.

  3. Do you wait for the perfect inspiration to write a song or do you force yourself to sit down and work something out? How long does it take to from start to finish and do you do it in all one sitting? What is (was) your balance of time spent learning new technique vs. writing songs? You’ve given me a chance to learn something I’ve only dreamed of doing. Thank you so much and keep it coming!

  4. Hey Dave. Me and my friend make 8 bit music with fl studio. We were wondering if you could maybe make a video with some tips for making 8 bit music. We especially need better samples and vst’s for drums. Thanks for all the great videos and music.

  5. Hey, heres a simple question which gigs i need to buy for a start up? right now im struggling on fl studio as a super amateur. but i feel like i need to buy some gigs like mixer or turn table or what? thanks in advance.

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