Don’t worry, you’re still alive – that was just the sound of the new boyinaband convenient hardstyle sample pack hitting the internet.

Here’s a vlog:

And here’s the sample pack:

Right click and click “save as” on this link to download the samples!



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6 Responses to “Free Convenient Hardstyle Sample Pack + December Vlog!”

  1. Hi can anyone help me finding the ¨magic clap¨ or ¨magic snare¨ that you share some time ago in this vlog.

    Thanks for all…

  2. the link dont work

  3. the link does not work for mac users. just comes up with a page of a lot of text

  4. Hardstyle. I haven’t heard of that.

    Do you think it’s a good idea though? Surely another dubstep, or house (ahem DIRTY DUTCH ahem) tutorial would get mo’ subs. Or a 7 day song on some D’n'B. People search “Dubstep tutorial” on youtube alot more than “pirate music tutorial”. Just sayin’.

  5. Guys i have a mac and it works fine. Go google a “.Rar to .Zip converter” and download one. Then go to any of BIAB sample packs, RIGHT CLICK, press DOWNLOAD LINKED FILE AS and name it what you want and save it where you want then press SAVE. Then find it in your FINDER and use your .RAR converter to make it into a ZIP. After its in a zip it will look like a folder with a zipper. To open this up, just double click. Then a folder will appear with all your samples!

  6. Thank you Dave once again for the choisome (choice+awesome) samples.

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