Following up on my popular blog posts for 2009 and 2010′s top dubstep producers, I’ve made 2012′s list in the form of a short video mix:

Links to the artists in the video (don’t read if you don’t want to spoil it!)

Check out Malleus:

Check out Mizuki’s Last Chance:

Check out Dorincourt:

Check out Klaypex:

Check out Noisestorm:

From chatting with them, they’re all really nice guys – definitely deserve to get somewhere. which is a fantastic combination with their awesome production talents.

Video Text:

Hi! I’m Dave from

Today I’ll be introducing you to 5 really varied dubstep artists I think could really take off in 2012

First up is Malleus, who has some really cool old school style dubstep, as well as amazing robotic sounding stuff.


Next, we’ve got Mizuki’s Last Chance – heavy chiptune influences, fantastic melodies and a tendency for genre splicing make him one of the most original producers I’ve heard recently.

Check out this track, Subtraction, from his free EP holy bleep.
3rd we’ve got Dorincourt – a new producer who makes absolutely immense tracks with a really unique take on dubstep. Watch out for the drop on this track, Phoenix.
Here we’ve got Klaypex – ridiculously catchy and has a brilliant otherworldly feel to the productions. Take a listen to this track, lights.
And to round things off we end on a producer I think is just waiting to explode in popularity – Noisestorm. An insanely versatile range of ridiculously well crafted tracks. Turn it up and check out this track, backlash.

And there we have it. Links to all those fantastic producers down below. Hit like and favourite if you enjoyed it and subscribe to keep up to date with all the new boyinaband videos. Cheers for listening guys, and have a nice day!


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2 Responses to “Top 5 Best Dubstep Producers 2012”

  1. lol you are forgetting the realllllllly goood ones. like gooder, HXLY, Tim Ismag, Balkansky

  2. Noisestorm is a pro.

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