I made a Grime and Dubstep song with my homeslice Eartrash.   Here’s a live performance of the track done with my MPC.

http://www.youtube.com/user/eArtrash – subscribe to Eartrash, he’s frickin’ grimey!

Download dat shiiiii: http://soundcloud.com/boyinabanddotcom/grimestep-grime-dubstep-genre

It took frickin’ ages to learn to play the MPC whilst rapping.

Hope you enjoy it!


Verse 1

Maybe I’m way grimy Mate
Maybe I say crikey blad
Maybe I am fully safe
Maybe you will maybe mug
‘cause maybe I will highly rate
Maybe I will show you up
Den Maybe you will maybe hate
and just maybe I won’t give a fuuuuuuu


You can’t see me dis beat’s so murky
When I get grimy da bass gets dirty

Verse 2

Mate, all 21 of your seconds are here on my wrist
On a Rolex I’m still wearing ‘cause I didn’t let da bitch take it
She passed out ‘cause I’m looking so sharp and fixed
So watch it mate ‘cause POW I’m lethal when I rap dis

You can keep your ASBO, I’ll be at ASDA keeping da price low
You can keep to the street, I’ll be beneath in the sewer making deez dirty beats
You can stay in the slammer, I’ll stay out ‘cause I don’t get caught by the Rashers
You can have your gat, I don’t spray ‘cause I can solve ma beefs with deez raps


You can’t see me dis beat’s so murky
When I get grimy da bass gets dirty


Yeah, I don’t get dizzy
And My tempa aint tiny
I ain’t so solid, I’m more liquid
I go with the flow when I get grimy
So try me, it’s Dave from boyinaband


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3 Responses to “GRIMESTEP (Grime + Dubstep Genre Mix) ft. Eartrash”

  1. I Love It, Al Though I Don’t See A Whole Lot Of Grime In It

  2. love it, never you could rap dat ”ting”

  3. Love the gwimy ;D

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