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Hi! I’m Dave from

I was intending to make a track for you guys, but I had one of those weeks. You know, where you’re sitting at your computer like

“Alright, time to finish off that Drum and Bass track”
and you get started, but then all of a sudden
“Na, that sounds crap”
“Yeah, you should stop doing that”
“But I really need to finish this, this is the third time this week you’ve said I should stop”
“Yeah but it’s sounding crap”
“It won’t sound any better unless I put in a bit more time into EQing the-”
“You know, you could be playing Sudoku right now”
“Are you listening to me?”
*pans out to Dave playing Sudoku* “Sorry what?”

Scumbag brain. Anyway, so instead, today I’m going to talk about something I come across a lot on the internet – the concept of REAL music or TRUE music. You know, from comments like this [show relevant comment]. Or this. Or this.

The basic idea being that if a genre evolves a bit, it is no longer worthy of that title, and as such it is no longer “real” [insert genre here]. So a metal song that has a trance synth in it? That’s not REAL metal. A dubstep song that has extensive use of growly basses instead of deep wobble basses? That’s not REAL dubstep. A classical piece that was written in 2012? That’s not REAL classi- ok I guess that one is kinda true.

The point is to me, anyone that thinks like that is frickin’ narrow-minded. I’d like to present to you my proof in the form of a hypothetical thought experiment I’ve devised called “The Davëdinger’s Cat Theory”

1. So we’ve got these two dudes, both of which were educated in primary school that this is a cat.
2. They see this cat walking by and they’d be like “Oh, that’s a cat, that is.”, and the other would be like “Yeah, I agree with that statement.”
3. 3 years later, they see the same cat walk by, but this time it has a hat on. One of the guys says “Oh look, that’s a cat with a hat on it.” and the other guy is like “SHUT UP, THAT IS NOT A CAT, IT’S SOME FAGGY GAY PIECE OF CRAP, HOW DARE YOU CALL THAT A CAT YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT REAL CATS ARE.”
4. The second guy is an idiot, it’s just a cat with a hat on it.

Whether the cat has a hat on it or not, it still has the basic features of a cat – 4 legs, a permanent dissatisfied/glazed expression, 140bpm tempo and half time beat with prevalent use of basses as the focal point.

I’m pretty sure I just forgot how metaphors work, but that’s my first published theory so I’m sticking with it.

What it comes down to is people that are desperately trying to hold on to the point at which they discovered the genre, in the hopes it will never change. Which is so sad because if they weren’t so closed-minded, they could appreciate the new interpretations in the manner they were intended. Or at least learn that they should shut up rather than making themselves look like idiots that don’t even know a cat when they see it.

Genre names ARE useful, since it allows people to find the kind of music they like, but genres evolve over time. Which is a bloody good thing too, or we’d still be stuck in the 1800s writing baroque music and avoiding the diminished 5th because it’s “The Devil’s Chord”

Pfft, what did they know, anyway here’s this new song I wrote called “Let’s summon the Devil” (something with just diminished 5ths)

There is no “sacred”-ness about that or any other genre. If you have an issue with it, try championing one of the many other subgenre names that have popped up in front of the -step postfix that have a more specific definition suited to your tastes. Alternatively, try and appreciate more than one horrendously specific style of music and you’ll discover that life is considerably more enjoyable.

What do you guys think about the whole genre-boundaries-being-pushed issue? I find it fascinating that people get more up in arms about their music tastes being questioned than their frickin’ political ideologies, so yeah – let’s get some healthy debate going on in the comments.

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9 Responses to “That’s not “real” music.”

  1. I find it especially amusing/infuriating when the people complaining loudest have zero musical talent or abilities whatsoever. They believe being consumers of media makes them experts in it, as if it takes any kind of skill to listen to or appreciate music.

    I don’t deny anyone their own musical tastes; God knows I’m no fan of dubstep. But that doesn’t mean I don’t consider it music, nor do I take issue with other genres that may absorb some of it (or any other musical style) to push its boundaries.

    People who turn their noses (and middle fingers) up at something different or something they don’t like are by definition snobs, and although they are certainly entitled to their opinion, they’re certainly not entitled to my respect.

  2. I feel, as you seem to have summed-up quite succinctly Dave, those who adhere to their own narrow def’s of what constitutes a particular musical genre limit only their own capability to appreciate the vast array of gr8 music available today. I also agree that some ideas of “categorization” and definition prove both necessary and helpful to an extent, though such parameters can only lead one so far. to adhere to them as gospel is both ridiculous and a reflection of the narrow-minded individual setting those limits. We’d all still be listening to baroque if it were up to the clowns who look at music as needing such silly restrictions. I appreciate that you were able to address this topic in a clear and thorough way.. nice goin’ Dave.

  3. hoh man… it’s not really a comment but a conclusion : you’re a nutcase :p

  4. I like your music, screw the rest

  5. Peace, brother. Some of my best friends wear hats.
    I, too, own several, as does my cat. The cat (in a hat) agrees that music needs to evolve or die. Musicians are a tough bunch where “what I like is the only true music.” Passion breeds strong opinions. …but there is even room for your “polka-dubstep”. You got me working on my own version of that with a “stun small animals” accordian-bass drop. Cheers!

  6. I think exactly the same as you ;D

  7. Lol, your sooo funny man ! :D

  8. it’s odd that you suggest departing from a genre’s defining influences and aesthetics doesn’t exclude it from that genre. of course metal with synths is metal. Have you ever heard the band Breaking Through? Dream Theater? two very different metal bands both featuring synths. But if the synth is playing cheesy euphoric trance lines, it isn’t metal music. Not that it would upset me much that you or anyone else insists that it is, but it still wouldn’t be, and i doubt i’d like it. dubstep has a dub influence, space, pace, and bass. If it has aggressive distorted synths as well as the aforementioned qualities, of course it’s dubstep. But a track being in halftime and at 140 doesn’t automatically make it dubstep. If it has no space, i.e. a completely filled spectrum, it lacks pace, it has no sub pressure, or no connection to dub or sound system culture whatsoever, it isn’t. there’s good and bad dubstep, there’s good and bad non-dubstep. Embracing or rejecting a new sound isn’t about calling something what it isn’t. I’m confused because then you confirm that “classical” made at any point other than the 17-1800′s isn’t “real” classical which is true, because it wasn’t made in the classical era and even if it sounded identical to that music, it can’t be classed as such. I don’t understand why this is ok but retaining genre names for fused/significantly altered/otherwise bastardized forms of music is also perfectly fine. It seems you want to have your cake, and eat it too just on account of you don’t want to contradict the western music history professor whose dick you sucked all through uni.

    not all dubstep is halftime. A lot of dubstep is 2step, 4×4 or breaks. And even if you ignore your misstatement about halftime, 140bpm plus prevalent use of basses.. doesn’t cut it . What you described is bassy 140 in halftime. Dubstep is space, pace, and bass at or around 140.

    i don’t need to hear how i’m not enjoying life because i don’t listen to enough rave music. I appreciate all kinds of music. But your writing is fucking stupid. and why is it always about fucking cats. Get the fuck off reddit you knob.

  9. Hey Dave. I love your stuff (that being your music and humor.) I noticed that when you were naming all of the prefixes to “Step,” You put in: “Lump-Step.” I don’t know if you were joking or not, but I’ve been making music for a while and decided to make a “Lump-step” song. You can check it out at . I really think you might like it. ;)

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