It’s Mother’s Day! But don’t worry if you forgot – I’ve got you covered: - Personalisable version – Share this video on facebook with the little “share” button, post a comment with your name and I’ll record it and send you a link in the comments.

Happy mother’s day!


Hi! I’m Dave from

To all my American homeslices, if you’re anything like me you probably totally forgot that it’s mothers day today – in all honesty I forgot this year when it was the English one back in March. But don’t fret! I’ve got you covered.

I was thinking; “What do mothers really like?” and then it hit me – Intense drum and bass! So I’ve made a short track called “Mum n Bass” which you can download and using your audio recording program of choice, overlay your embarassing childhood name just before the drop. So it’ll be like:

[Show the track from mothers day build to “To mom, happy mothers day from, “YOUR NAME HERE”] *DROP DANCE*

In fact, for consistancy, if you go to my facebook page today, share this video on your page and then comment said name on my status, I’ll record myself saying your childhood name so you can have the same voice on both the build and the drop.

If they wonder where you got the voice samples from, say it’s a VST called “British-Voice-o-Matic” or something.

Burn it to a CD and give it to your mom, I guarantee she will be thoroughly appreciative. Warning: this is not a guarantee. Even if you’re not American, you can do what I’m gonna do and say something like “I…uh… thought celebrating it on this day would be more of a surprise! I know how you like surprises.” – she’ll totally buy it.

So free download link in the description, and head over to my facebook if you want me to record your embarassing childhood name for the drop – I’ll be uploading them throughout the day.

Check out the song here

Don’t forget to hit subscribe for weekly boyinaband videos if you haven’t already. If you have, treat yourself to a smoothie today. You earned it.

Cheers for watching and have a nice day!


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  1. Nice! rps please?

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