THIS COMPETITION IS CLOSED NOW! Check out the winners here!

The composition competition is back with the most awesome selection of prizes yet; so dive headfirst into it!

Watch the video:

Listen to the song:

Then here’s how you enter…

To enter:

1. Make your song with the stems (The song is 165bpm) that you can download from here:

2. Make a tutorial explaining how you made a part of the remix you’re proud of. If you’re making a video tutorial, try one of the following pieces of free screen capture software:

Camtasia Free Trial:

Other screen capture software:

3. Upload your song to your Soundcloud account (make one if you don’t already have one)

4. Head over to the boyinaband forum and embed both the song you uploaded to soundcloud and the tutorial (video or text, it’s your choice) into a new topic in the “Into Your Eyes Remix Composition Competition” section.

You can find that forum here:

5. Last of all, critique 3 songs in the “Share Your Music” section:

Then go have a look at the prizes you could win:

Primeloops Samples
Soundcloud Premium Account
Reason 6
Previous Boyinaband Winner Promo Vid
Korg nanoKontrol 2 and nanoPad 2
Jam: No picture available, but it’s pretty tasty.

Have Fun!


- The remix must be your own work
- By entering, you allow me to use your song in the promotional video for it
- It must include the vocal stems in a recognisable form
- It must be posted on the forum with the accompanying tutorial.
- Don’t forget to critique 3 other songs after you’ve posted yours
- It can be made with any software or hardware and it can be any genre.
- It must be posted on or before July 12th – that’s the deadline.
- Each song you respond with will count as one entry; you can make as many entries as you want.

Video Text
Hi, I’m Dave from – and I’m happy to announce the fifth Composition Competition, where you can win frickin’ sweet stuff for producing frickin’ sweet music!

The song we’ll be remixing is “Into Your Eyes” by my band You and What Army. So firstly, listen to the song right here: [insert link to Into Your Eyes] or at the link below, and I’ll link to the vocal stems that you’ll be playing with below.

Any genre of music is fine – Whether you’re into dubstep, hip hop or death metal you’re welcome to enter.

As well as the song, you have to make a tutorial on a part of the production you’re particularly proud of – A cool bass, a sweet lead, how you tricked Kieran into re-recording the chorus and replacing all the lyrics with the word “jawbone” – anything you like.

It can be a text tutorial, a YouTube video tutorial or you can teach a parrot to recite it in a robotic voice. I’ll put links below to screen capture software.

[I recommend the free trial of camtasia if you are doing a video tutorial, or if you’ve already used the trial up and don’t want to buy it just yet, I’ll link to a bunch of other free screen capture programs below:]

Once you’ve made your song, upload it to soundcloud, then post it on the boyinaband forum under the “Into Your Eyes Remix Composition Competition” section. Include the embedded song and the tutorial in the post. If you went for the parrot tutorial option, squeeze it in through the usb slot, they fit after a while.

And the last thing to do is offer critiques on at least 3 songs in the “Share your music” section. You may want to post one of your songs there too, since the more critiques you post, the more chance you have of getting featured on the front page of that section – everyone on the front page generally gets a crapload of critiques and listens.

And if I do some quick calculations, judging from the average number of responses to the posts, that means the standardised Unit of Measurement a “crapload” is equal to 10.36. We learned something today.

A word of warning about the critiquing part; spammers will be decimated painfully. Don’t be that guy that says “NICE SONG, CHECK OUT MINE.” or we will call upon the mighty banhammer of justice to crush your skull into a thousand pieces.


I’ll be judging it with the rest of You And What Army – Do you look forward to doing that Kieran?

I sure do!

It will be judged on:

1. The production quality of the song [How much it sounds like it’s a pro song]
2. The clarity and conciseness of the tutorial [Explain why you do things, but don’t waffle too much]
3. How helpful your critiques were. [specific suggestions for things to try are good]
4. How your track rates on the Frickin’ Sweetometer [somewhere between originality and goodness]

So if you make a frickin’ sweet song but you knock up the tutorial in 2 minutes, you’re probably not going to win.


So why should you enter?

My homeslices at have once again offered some of their awesome packs – The winner gets 3 sample packs of their choice, as well as their new Dubstep Gladiators sample pack, some great drums in there. The two runners up will win a sample pack of their choice each! have offerd a Soundcloud Pro Account for a year to the winner and a lite account for 2nd place. These accounts give you more space, stats and other cool stuff for your soundcloud to help promote your tracks.

And it’s time for the mammoth prize! Queue the epic mammoth soundtrack

Propellerhead have provided a brilliant reason to enter the competition – a copy of the awesome program Reason 6 for the winner. And remember, it gets upgraded for free to Reason 6.5 as soon as they release it, which is frickin’ sweet – they have the whole Rack Extensions feature in that upgrade which looks insanely cool.

Also, the winner will get this jar of homemade plum jam, and to clarify this is not at all a ploy to get rid of it because my Dad made too much.

As well as all that, I want to try something to see what happens – one wildcard entry of my choice, not necessarily the winner, will collaborate with me on a video for my channel. Maybe a song, maybe something else – either way, you will be credited and linked to and it’s a chance for you to expose yourself to quite a lot of people. Well, that sounds a bit dodgy, and I doubt we’ll do anything like that for the video since I want to keep my partnership, but you know what I mean.

Finally, The winner will also be promoted in a video on the boyinaband channel as the competition winner, with a link to their song and (if they have one) their youtube channel. Both runners up will also get mentions and links as well. Check out the last video to get an idea of what it’ll look like

For more info on all those prizes, the rules, the stems and a terrible pun, check the description below.

I’ll be releasing my live performance remix of the track in the next few weeks.

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with. Download those stems, have fun, and if you want to bribe Kieran into recording vocals for you, he’ll do pretty much anything for green tea, which I think is ridiculous because it’s basically water.

Cheers for watching and have a nice day!


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8 Responses to “Into Your Eyes Remix Composition Competition [Closed]”

  1. Hmmm, this is one of the most bizarre and cinfusing contests I have ever seen or heard of. LOL. I think I’ll figure it out after I do the remix.

  2. Anything wrong with the Pack or is it just me? WinRar spits out an Error about corrupt files when I try to unpack.

  3. Thanks man the competition comes just at the end of exam week! No work, all real work!

  4. Can you also please post the guitars here so people can tab it?

  5. What is the requirement for stems used? Enough?

  6. Fantastic, I havent had jam for ages. Is the jam going to be a good quality brand? Or supermarket own-brand? Will the winner get to choose preference of jam flavour? Anyway, will be getting on this asap…

  7. key signiture and tabs/sheet music to the guitar parts would be veeeerrry useful

  8. The forum closed before Midnight PST in the US. Was the contest limited to the UK? or did you forget about us Remixers across the pond?


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