Good news, everyone! Today marks the release of a brand new tutorial section on the site where you can submit your own tutorials and categorise them by genre, technique and DAW.

The thinking behind it is that if we all pitch in to make or find tutorials, then categorise them in this part of the site, we’ll have a fantastic resource of tutorials that is really easy to sort. Easier than doing a YouTube or Google search.

You can submit tutorials with the “Submit a tutorial” page, because we don’t mess about when it comes to titling pages. Just paste the youtube URL and any text if you have it, pick the categories it fits and submit it – the mods will then ensure you’re not spamming, and voila! You helped out and the tutorial gets more views, since thousands of people check the tutorial section each day (which is mental!)

We’ll let every tutorial submitted on the site as long as it’s not spam, and to ensure quality in future we’ll make a rating system that removes low-rated tutorials, but that might take a little while to sort out.

Text and video tutorials are welcome – feel free to find video tuts from YouTube and embed them while categorising them properly. Let me know if there are any categories you think need adding – but ideally we want to have only a few, or it’ll get really confusing, and that’s what we’re trying to avoid!

If we keep this simple and fill it with great tutorials, we’ll have a fantastic, easily sortable collection of frickin’ useful stuff.

Let the submitting commence!


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