About The Site

About The Site
Hi! I’m Dave and welcome to boyinaband.com – a website for people who want to learn about music production and improve their skills, find exciting new music and get involved in a community of people who want to do the same.

What’s the site all about?

This site does its best to follow some simple rules:

- Be Open and Honest - Keep you in the loop about what Boyinaband is doing
Teach Effectively - Explain why things work, not just how they work
- Promote Quality Stuff – Things that are good deserve to be recognized
- Keep Things Tidy – Being organized means you can learn more effectively
- Encourage a Helpful Community – Reward people who help others
- Give as much stuff away for free as possible – It’s nice to be nice : )
- Be Entertaining – When teaching is done right, it should be fun!

Uh… Vlog?

I’ve used the word “Vlog” in the tagline not only because I enjoy using buzzwords that will probably never catch on, but also because I produce a considerable amount of video content (Vlog = Video Blog), including:

- Tutorials
- Reviews
- Competitions
- Original Performances

and much more to come!


This blog also doubles as a portfolio for me as a producer, teacher and writer amongst other things – This is how I can afford to give out all these tutorials and blogs for free, which is something I’m really happy about. The internet is a frickin’ awesome thing.

So if you have a need for my services, or know anyone who might, head over to the services page and check it out!

The History of Boyinaband

It all started out in 2008, where I posted a few blogs about music production. I remember being excited about having my first 10 visitors in a day. It was about that time that I made my first tutorials on making synths in Reason 4. Making those once a month from about August ’til the end of the year brought my visitors up to 100 a day.

2009 rolled round and I carried on making one tutorial a month, fitting it around my university schedule. When I finished university, I decided that I wanted to try and become a full time blogger, so I started working more diligently on boyinaband.

It was in July that I came up with the idea for a “7 day song” tutorial, where I explained how to make a song from a specific genre of music from scratch, and half way through the month I made the Dubstep 7 day song. My views shot up and the Dubstep tutorial remains my most popular 7 day song to date.

It was about then that I contacted primeloops.com after listening to their samples and thinking they were ace. Impressed by the potential of the boyinaband.com, Prime loops decided to get involved. Since then, they’ve commissioned me to write two blogs a week on their site, which you can also find on boyinaband.com two months later.

Since July, I continued making one 7 day song a month and in October, boyinaband.com had it’s first day with over 1000 visits.

The Future of Boyinaband

And that brings us to 2010. I’m writing this on 31st December, 2009 – so I cannot predict what will happen, but I have some ideas. I intend to…

- Increase the amount of video content.
- Increase the variety of video content.
- Get the community more involved in the site.
- Promote talented artists who have joined the boyinaband.com community.
- Get over 10,000 views in a single day (I kinda have a thing for statistics…)
- Put out more content involving my band “You and What Army”

But that’s just this year – if you want to see what I intend to do over a longer period of time, check out the “About the Dream” page.

How can I get involved?

The first port of call if all this sounds like something you’re interested in is to join the boyinaband.com forum – post any questions you have always wondered about music production, promote your music and comment on some of the other music that has been promoted!

If you want to be more directly involved, then head over to the “contact” page and send me an e-mail with your ideas – I’ve had people making guest posts (this can be a great way to promote your up-and-coming blog!) and even some working on guest tutorials!


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Hi! I'm Dave from boyinaband.com and welcome to the site!

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