I figured it was about time to join in; you can now tweet biab’s posts to help spread the word and follow me @boyinaband.

Now I guess I should get a phone that’s not 7 years old so I can be one of those twitter/facebook addicts!

I’ll miss my polyphonic ringtone though…

I’m not going to lie to you – I began blogging regularly like this to earn money. When you’re in a band that has regular gigs to play it can be difficult to find a job that fits, and blogging just seemed to have the flexibility I was looking for whilst not destroying my soul like some other jobs I have taken (Data Entry is not as fun as it sounds.)

My girlfriend recently introduced me to a method of making definate amounts of cash from my blog. If you yourself are a blogger/ thinking about becoming a blogger, you’ll probably know that the income generated from a blog can be hilly at best. The number of clicks you get on your ads can vary from one day to the next. That is why I was happy to hear about this company…

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With about a million and six blogs-about-blogging on the ol’ interweb, it’s hard to know where to start.   I was introduced to Upstart Blogger by my freelance web designer girlfriend.   It’s chock full of useful articles advising how to begin, maintain and actually make money out of ones blogging empire.

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Blogging can be tricky.   You start out full of ideas, but as you work your way through them you can be left with what I like to call bloggers block. (I say like to call; I just invented that phrase now… but I will totally call it that from now on.)   Here are a few tricks I’ve found that help you think of fresh blogging material!

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…and he’ll keep coming back to your website.

Looking around the internet, I have found that people who post regular tutorials get ridiculous amounts of traffic.

Youtube calls them "Gurus", which is an awesome ego-boost I’m sure, to be among the top gurus in the world.   I am totally going to try to get said ego boost.

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