It’s Mother’s Day! But don’t worry if you forgot – I’ve got you covered: - Personalisable version – Share this video on facebook with the little “share” button, post a comment with your name and I’ll record it and send you a link in the comments.

Happy mother’s day!


Hi! I’m Dave from

To all my American homeslices, if you’re anything like me you probably Continue reading » - get involved in the next mix!

This mix was organised entirely by people like you on the biab forum.

Mixed by ReSet -

Those producers:

ProhJeckTom – Take A While
Basscrap – So Down
Crush & NYD – Time To Free ft. Farisha
ReSet – Cloudline
Da Wikked – On A Rocket (Drum & Bass Mix)
Phase Labs – Asymptote
Vikt0r & Nova Six – Frontline
Mazza – Pseudocide

Day 4 dawns on the 7 day song of Jump Up Drum and Bass!

With it, it brings some lovely lead parts in the form of a sweet bendy lead and a plucked arpeggiated synth.

Click here to discover how to make them!

Day 2 of the 7 day song tutorial on Jump Up Drum and Bass starts getting the synths jumping up!

Side chain compression is a great technique for energetic electronic music, so here is the place to start for learning how it works!

Click here to get educated.

The Dirty Bass Composition Competition is now over – check out who won!

Video Text

Hi, I’m Dave from – and welcome to the second Composition Competition, where you can win free stuff for producing awesome music!

This composition competition is on Drum and Bass and Dubstep – more specifically on the bass synths. You have to make the dirtiest drop you possibly can. Continue reading »

Drum and Bass is a wild, unpredictable beast.

Just when you think it is dead and gone, it rises up again with more subgenres attacking you from all sides with obscure melodic interpretations on top of the driving percussion. There is no stopping the DnB Hydra.

Let’s take a look at 7 of its most prominent sub-genre heads… Continue reading »


Hi! I'm Dave from and welcome to the site!

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