Something a little different:

And that unrelenting dubstep 140bpm is pretty unforgiving when it comes to pace, so here’s a version to clarify things:

If you were to
Zoom in
phase out
move in
focus on this human
whose cells magnify
as you fly through them, and see  Continue reading »

I had my attention brought to this nice collection of drum samples, basses, FX and all kinds for dubstep production.

Compiled by the producer Pitchedsenses, these are really nice, particularly for more chilled dubstep – check the YouTube videos here to hear them in action, and it’s a like-the-facebook-page-to-download thingy, worth it imo since he makes some nice tracks as well.

Enjoy the samples!

Video Text

Hi! I’m Dave from

I was intending to make a track for you guys, but I had one of those weeks. You know, where you’re sitting at your computer like Continue reading »

Free Download:
Jon’s Channel:

His metal tutorial (He suggests part 6 as a starting point for non-noobs)
Part 1:
Part 6:

You know what will take you to the mountain? A Djent metal remix / cover of Skrillex’s Rock n Roll. Hope you like this version!

Love this song.

And yes, Jon is getting that guitar tone with a bass O_O

Boyinaband’s next guest tutorial brings us subvibe’s bassy time!

If you like what you hear, grab their free EP:

Which includes my remix of “Burn” –

I made a Grime and Dubstep song with my homeslice Eartrash.   Here’s a live performance of the track done with my MPC. – subscribe to Eartrash, he’s frickin’ grimey!

Download dat shiiiii:

It took frickin’ ages to learn to play the MPC whilst rapping.

Hope you enjoy it!


Verse 1

Maybe I’m way grimy Mate
Maybe I say Continue reading »


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