The day has arrived!   Time flies when you’re having fun, eh?   You can now listen to the final 7 day Electro House song.

I’ll also teach you how to Mix and Master an Electro House song!

Click here to go to Day 7 of the Electro House 7 Day song!

As we’re nearly at the end of the track I figured it was time to turn our Electro House loop into an Electro House song!

I’ve also explained how to do that Daft Punk-esque filter sweep on the whole track – well cool effect!

Click here to go to Day 6 of the Electro House Tutorial!

The wait is over!   Now you can hear GraphicsGirl’s frickin’ awesome vocals on top of the sexy beat!

To check out her website where she has tutorials and resources for graphics design with photoshop and inkscape, a free vector art program, go to

To watch day 5 of the Electro House Tutorial, click here!

Alrighty, so we have the sexy low end sorted (careful on the innuendo) – it’s time to get to grips with the top end! (steady!)

Day 4 will incorporate some filter envelope useage, scream 4, EQing and compression to make our sexy synth!

Click here to go to Day 4 of the 7 Day Song Electro House Tutorial!

Alrighty! It’s time to turn the bog-standard beat into something a bit more interesting with some sweet samples!

This one teaches about parameter automation, using NN-XT, A bit about making beats more disjointed and interesting and a sweet blip synth effect – including a quick ReGroove Mixer Tutorial!

Click here to go to Day 3 of the 7 Day Song Electro House tutorial!

Alrighty!   Day 2 rolls around and brings with it a sexy electro bass patch to put on top of your hard-hitting beat!

This one uses Scream 4 to good effect, with the feedback mode (some mental sounds can be made with that!)

Check out Day 2 of the Electro House Tutorial here!


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