I felt in a Glitch Hop-y mood and also felt like annoying my Sis, hence this!

Some massive (pun intended) bass going on there!

Gotta love Boon Doc.

Okay, I promised you something cool today, and here it is!

A nice little tutorial on how to make Hip Hop Hits.   You’ll probably want to see this one, even if you aren’t a hip hop producer.

Trust me.

Well.. an MPD16, but it’s pretty much an MPC! :D   Just a quick showcase of some of the Hip Hop-y presets on offer in Reason 5!

This blog was written for primeloops.com – check them out for some ace samples and to see my blogs 2 months earlier!

Hip Hop has long had a specific stigma attached to it.

Whether it’s the masses’ misinterpretation that it’s all self-promoting arrogant rhymes over simple sampled beats or chart-fodder for people who can’t operate an auto-tune unit, it has been misunderstood for a long time.

But now Hip Hop has well and truly grown up in the eyes of the mainstream… Continue reading »

It’s come to a close – our lowriders are ready and our blocks shall be rocked!

In day 7 of the G Funk 7 day song tutorial, we explore mixing and mastering the genre, as well as playing the final finished song!

Click here for day 7.


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