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Man, all this electronic music is just so clean!   If only there was a magical button to give it that edge… that grit… that audible equivalent of teenage angst.

Well, it sounds like you need some distortion… Continue reading »

It’s time to set your mixes to stun! The Phaser and Flanger effects are used to produce a range of interesting sounds on anything from guitars to synths to vocals!

But what are they and how do they work? Let’s take a look… Continue reading »

Do you find your percussion isn’t punchy enough?

Or that your vocals are wildly varied in volume?

Never fear – compression is here… Continue reading »

This week’s introduction to a production technique involves a nice thick effect that can help make your synths and samples deeper and more filled out with virtually no effort on your part!

Sound far too good to be true? Well welcome to the world of chorus! Let’s get started… Continue reading »

Have you ever wished that there was a “Sound epic” button on your synths, that you could just turn on and instantly everything would feel massive?

I think I have just the effect for you… Continue reading »

Synths are like a good meal – no matter how well made they are, if they’re too dry then they won’t be quite as satisfying.

So how do you stop your synths from violently poking out of the mix? Reverb is the answer! Let’s delve into it and find out why… Continue reading »


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