A short, useful insight for anyone looking to promote their tunes on le radio!

http://breakyourband.co.uk - For that book I mentioned.

http://emmascottpresents.co.uk - Emma’s gigs!


Here’s some quick tips that I’ve learned about selling merchandise from being in You and What Army.

The biab T-shirts are here.

http://www.shirtysomething.com - I don’t make any money if you go there, I’m only recommending them because I thought they were good.


So you’ve got your YouTube account, directed your fans towards the subscribe button and you’re all ready to take on the ‘net in terms of video goodness.

But where do you begin when you want to make quality content? Here are 5 useful tips to help you keep your viewers engaged and maximise your quality on a budget! Continue reading »

So, you’ve got your hit songs, you’ve sorted your image and you’re ready to tell the world about what an amazing musician you are – but where do you start?

This quick guide will give you a few useful starting points for promoting your music online! Continue reading »

This blog was written for primeloops.com – check them out for some ace samples and to see my blogs 2 months earlier!

A lot of musicians find themselves out of pocket, wishing they could profit from their talents.

While the conventional route of becoming a famous musician in the charts is a difficult one to profit from, there are several other methods you can try that are perhaps less conventional!

Here are 5 of those methods you might want to look into…  Continue reading »

This blog was written for primeloops.com – check them out for some ace samples and to see my blogs 2 months earlier!

The music industry has undergone a veritable revolution in the past couple of decades.

No longer is the power to reach a global audience in the hands of a few rich CEOs.   No longer is the technology to record your music to a professional level out of the reach of your common household musician.

Things have become a lot easier in many ways to make your music and get it out there.   This article will compare major labels to indie labels – Professional versus DIY – and see how things match up with the technology available today.

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