Here’s some quick tips that I’ve learned about selling merchandise from being in You and What Army.

The biab T-shirts are here. - I don’t make any money if you go there, I’m only recommending them because I thought they were good.


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A lot of musicians find themselves out of pocket, wishing they could profit from their talents.

While the conventional route of becoming a famous musician in the charts is a difficult one to profit from, there are several other methods you can try that are perhaps less conventional!

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Making money from being a musician is HARD.   It takes time, effort and ridiculous amounts of patience, but as MTV cribs will no doubt show you, the rewards can be well worth the effort.

I have worked my band “You and What Army” up from nothing into a successful money-making business.   But remember – as a band, you have to spend money to make money.   And initially, you will be spending a lot.   So you will probably need either a hefty savings account or a job behind you if you intend to make this work.

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