So you’ve got your YouTube account, directed your fans towards the subscribe button and you’re all ready to take on the ‘net in terms of video goodness.

But where do you begin when you want to make quality content? Here are 5 useful tips to help you keep your viewers engaged and maximise your quality on a budget! Continue reading »

So, you’ve got your hit songs, you’ve sorted your image and you’re ready to tell the world about what an amazing musician you are – but where do you start?

This quick guide will give you a few useful starting points for promoting your music online! Continue reading »

I have recently had a lot of experience with creating community websites for both my bands You and What Army and Interabang. There have been some trials and tribulations along the way and I thought I should share my findings! I will be discussing Drupal and PHPBB among other things.

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Myspace is usually the first port of call for telling the world about your band – but there are so many other places to get the word out that it’d be a shame to keep your music restricted to one website!

Here are a few alternatives that I’ve tried with my band, You and What Army, to get you started:

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Having recently re-done my band You and What Army’s Myspace page, I have come up with a bunch of snazzy (Awesome word) ideas to make your band’s myspace more interesting!

Here they are…

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Thanks to some hard sleuthing I have found some of the best tutorials on the net when it comes to myspace design for your band site.

Whether its hiding sections, adding entirely new sections, modifying them or just generally making the layout look different and obscure, these tutorials can help you…

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