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Man, I love videos like this – seeing how companies grew to what they are.  

Especially when those companies make my synth software of choice!

I dream of building a company that innovates like that. Are you guys excited about Reason 5 yet?

Propellerhead have released some videos about some of the new features in Reason 5 / Record 1.5 and it’s AMAZING. In fact, if you look back at this article I wrote last August about what Record was missing, it looks like they took my advice on several of the points!

In fact, the only thing they haven’t addressed is an audio scratching device and something better than the DDL-1 delay unit for delay goodness.

Here are the 5 things they *have* addressed… Continue reading »

I loved record when I tried it out, but it was missing a vital element.   Now it isn’t.

I recently downloaded Record from Propellerhead for a trial to see if it was as amazing as all they hype makes it out to be.

I mean – Line6 Pod integration, Reason integration, pretty much ridiculously amazing timestretching… it sounds like it’s got it all, but in practice, what is there that it doesn’t do?   What stops it from being the next big thing?

There’s a few things, actually.   Let’s see what’s missing…
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