Hey Guys!   Day 3 of the video-a-day series and I’m kinda late due to camera problems, but here it is:

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Hi! I’m Dave from boyinaband.com

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This blog was written for primeloops.com – check them out for some ace samples!

Many producers have no formal musical education, doing their own thing by ear and not using any rules to define their melodies.

This may be working out for you, but even if it is, a basic grasp of some fundamental parts of music theory can help you know where to aim on the keyboard when looking for that perfect chord or riff!

Here are 5 quick insights if you’re an absolute beginner that can help you to better understand how to write the kind of music you want… Continue reading »

I had an e-mail from boyinaband.com reader “Eclectic Electric”…

The Question

Hi Dave,

I need your advice/help, I hope you don’t mind emailing you directly…

First off your clear, concise, intelligently worded and often amusing tutorials are awesome! I’ve learnt a lot in the past week that I’ve been watching some of your videos, keep up the excellent work! :D

Now for the part where I need help! I’m a programmer from South Africa, who used to dj and mess around with production back in high school. I was all set to go to sound engineering college, but my parents wouldn’t pay for it and said it wasn’t a worth while career. So I decided to pursue my first love – programming, I love what I do, but it did result in me spending less and less time on music, until I eventually stopped completely.

A few weeks ago, I met up with a mate who is still dj’ing and trying to make it big, and hear the new Paul Van Dyk album and was blown away, I realised that I’d been missing something that I really love! A few days later while catching up on what I’d been missing, I came across the new deadmau5 album, which is more along the lines of my old dj style and decided to get back into production! At least part time…

Previously I used to create samples in fruity loops, export as wave and arrange in acid music, but this time around I wanted to do things properly, my ultimate goal is to make professional sounding tracks! I don’t care about making buckets of money, I’m in this because I love it, but I am very self critical and want to make tracks on par with the pro’s…eventually!

So after finding your videos (FTW!) I’ve quickly got to find my way around reason, and feel that I’m going in the right direction. My problem, and the reason for this email, is that I’ve always felt like I’m just messing around and don’t really know what I’m doing. I still have a lot of my own samples, and kicks and so on that I have from my dj’ing days, and I manage to get kicks, basslines and effects going ok, but once that’s down I feel lost. When it comes to making a riff or synth or melody, I’m lost. At best I’ll mess around in a synthesizer till I get a sound I like, but when I get to the note editor I really am lost. I have no idea where to put notes, how long they should be or anything! I’ve managed to sometimes get by with random placement, but it just feels wrong and is never what I was after obviously, because it’s all random!

I followed a trance lead tutorial you did, but when it came to the notes I was lost again. I have no idea how to get the lead going as you did! This is part of the problem, but also how one comes up with original leads/riffs. It blows my mind a little how one would come up with an original arrangement of notes, surely it can’t all be random placement until it sounds good?
This all being said, I’m getting frustrated because I don’t know how to change the situation. Other than my dj’ing, I don’t have any musical background, so I’m starting piano lessons since I think it will help the situation, and I’ve always wanted to play an instrument.

I know that it’s going to take time and effort to get where I want to be, and that there’s no shortcuts, but I also feel like I’m missing some fundamentals and don’t know where to start! Can you point me in the right direction?

Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, I hope it makes sense and my questions aren’t too open ended!

Best Regards,
Eclectic Electric

Something any self respecting beginner producer will ask – how do I make my riffs sound better?   How do I go about learning to make good melodies?

Here’s my answer…

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I found an AWESOME insight into making quality dubstep on youtube – Quite possibly my favourite Dubstep DJ at the moment, Rusko, explains how he makes his signature sound.

Rusko is one of the only Dubstep producers that I feel has a really unique style. He’s made Dubstep fun; it’s stuff that could get you dancing even though it’s got that offbeat, slow Dub feel to it. And here is how he does it.

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If you hear the word “Crunk” as a description of music, you aren’t instinctively going to think it’s something intelligent or necessarily worth listening to.   Crunk is a genre that may or may not have died (Though Lil’ John’s “Crunk ain’t Dead” necklace seems to say otherwise, he *might* be a bit biased.) but as with all music, there are elements from it that were useful that we can learn from!

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When it comes to making powerful music, everyone has a different approach.   In my experience, synthesizers are a fantastic way to add instant epicosity (That’s totally a word now) to your music.

If we take some lessons from the genre of Trance music, that elusive epic feeling is garnered from careful management of highs and lows… loudness and quietness… buildups and breakouts.   I’m about to share with you some secrets to turn your track into an epic masterpiece!

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