To the death.

A quick look at the above video shows that the new android 2.3 “Gingerbread” update means that with the speedier audio latency, it can finally start competing with the apple’s appstore in terms of music creation apps, like sequencers, synths and DJing stuff! I’m a HTC Desire owner (never really been an iPhone fan) so that’s great news for me and other Android device users!

I can’t wait to get my hands on some new apps and show you the results! :D

I recently was directed to a site that’s got a really interesting proposition.

Storm the Charts are sick of those campaigns for old songs to get to number one that shot up in popularity since the Rage against the Machine christmas number 1 palava in 2009.   They propose that it should be new music that hits the charts, from unsigned bands.

40 bands will be shortlisted and they’re going to attempt to get as many of them in the charts as they can in the same week.

There’s already a huge amount of support from it – and it’s the glastonbury organisers that are putting it together so it’s really good promotion!

All you have to do is listen to 5 songs and pick your favourite to choose the band for the top 40 at the moment.   It’ll get *really* interesting when that top 40 is chosen and the whole thing begins!

So check it out and listen to some potential chart toppers before everyone else!

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Music has always been an intrinsic part of the film experience.

Sweeping scores that would seem completely over the top for a pop song have pride of place in films.   But how is a modern movie soundtrack made?   And what makes a good movie soundtrack?

Let’s take a look…
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This blog was written for – check them out for some ace samples and to see my blogs 2 months earlier!

If you take a look at the evolution of electronic music, it’s becoming increasingly clear that rhythm plays a massive role. In some cases more so than melody!

But what causes us to be so obsessed with big beats? So seduced by some sweet syncopation? Quite simply – why do we got rhythm?

Let’s find out…

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Have you ever seen someone wearing a painfully coloured T-shirt and thought to yourself; “Man, that’s a loud shade of green!”?

Well, if that person suffers from synaesthesia, they might be thinking “Man, that’s a green shade of loud!”

Synaesthesia is when stimulation of one sense involuntarily stimulates another sense.   In this article I’ll be talking about musical synaesthesia – when hearing music can make you see colours.

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