A few of you guys asked, and since it ties in nicely with this week’s Dubstep Beatboxing video, here’s an explanation:

Check it out: http://redbullbedroomjam.com/news/rbbj-festival-acts-announced-here

Hey guys!

The 7 Day Song ended the day before my birthday, so I now have a day of celebration for both the Drum and Bass Tutorial and my day of birth – score!

I’ll be taking a rest today, but I’ll be back tomorrow!

If you feel like giving me a present, just go to a forum you post on or something and post a link to my site :)    That’ll help more people find boyinaband!

Take it easy guys, I’m off to play some video games and eat some cake!

- Dave

I recently got an e-mail from boyinaband.com reader Brandon saying:

i love music and dibble in it i make hip hop music and i love reason, the problem i have is i love to sample but i really want to create my own sounds, my question to you is where did you learn about synths? i watch you and i try to take notes on what does what and why your doing it but i still get a little lost so im just wondering where did you learn about these things there are alot of good synths in hip hop now (i.e The Dream she rocking that thing  , jamie foxx blame it on the) but what are you listening  for when you remake them?

And my response was…

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I’ve made a piece of music to the Final Fantasy XIII Game Trailer for my portfolio and Figured I’d share it with you – Check it out!

I did all the recording, performing, mixing and composition myself.   I figured Final Fantasy needed some frickin’ intense Drum and Bass Orchestral Metal.   Logically.

It was fun to make – expecially making the music play off the action, notice how the drum and bass follows the gunshots etc.?    And it’s fun making the obscure time signatures to match the flow of the video, like in the breakout in the middle.

What d’ya think? :)

My band You and What Army has been through a lot lately, so I thought I’d bring you up to speed!

We have recorded our first single and are in talks with organising signing to a new record label, since babycakes has proved notoriously difficult to keep in contact with.

Unfortunately, some of the members won’t be able to see the rewards from this, as the mormons Darren and Joe have decided to part ways with the rest of the band and go forth to their Mormon mission/ Tesco customer service desk callings in life.

However, this isn’t stopping YAWA – always move forward. We are on the lookout for a new bassist and a new guitarist, so if you are in the midlands (Near Telford) and play guitar/bass and are interested in being in a Rock Rap Rave band that will soon have it’s first single released, then send a message to our myspace or even just comment here!

I’ll update you again when we have more news!


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