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Frickin’ sweet chiptune/dubstep producer. Awesome guy too – also has long hair, so kudos on that.

Here’s one for the lo-fi producers out there!   A chiptune tutorial for making a nice square wave pad in Reason 4 :)

That’s the last of the Electro Pop tutorials, I hope you’ve found them useful and I look forward to the next load of tutorials!

Watch the last electro pop tutorial here!

Hey guys!   I’m doing a run of posts about chiptune, inspired by graphics girl – the 4″8 artistic powerhouse who is now in the blogring I am creating with my most creative amigos!

She’s actually done tons of art for some of the biggest chiptune artists in the scene, including Shirobon and Henry Homesweet and she’s the best artist I know so if you want to learn about making high quality graphics, check out her blog at the link above!

But yes, I digress, let’s progress into this - the chirpy chiptune lead synth reason 4 tutorial!


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