Do you love those hands-in-the-air choruses in big Dance Pop chart smash hits?   You’re not alone – the lead synths that cause those moments are now laid bare for you to recreate at your leisure!

Ke$ha is just one of the many artists that uses them (Well, her producers) so get over to day 3 of the 7 day song Dance Pop tutorial here

Here’s one for the lo-fi producers out there!   A chiptune tutorial for making a nice square wave pad in Reason 4 :)

That’s the last of the Electro Pop tutorials, I hope you’ve found them useful and I look forward to the next load of tutorials!

Watch the last electro pop tutorial here!

Here’s something for anyone who’s not averse to some old school 80s synth-pop!

A tutorial for making a  synth effect replicating that wood block sound from the retro synths in pretty much every song the 80s decided to incorporate electronica into!

Check it out here!

Here’s a nice one for everyone who likes making hands-in-the-air-able music, a quick tutorial explaining how to make a lead synth that echoes out over your gorgeous trance (or in this case, Electro Pop!)

This one’s pretty simple, just a mixer, thor and DDL-1.

Click here to watch the tutorial video!

I’ve had a few requests for musey arpeggios and it ties in nicely with the electro pop tutorial I’ve been doing – so here it is!

A quick tutorial on how to make matt bellamy proud with some sweeping arps. Thor and RPG-8 – that’s all you need!

Click here to watch the tutorial.

This is a nice simple tutorial for anyone looking to make a quick clean bass tone for their tracks that can still shake some subs!

I solved the popping issue from the last bass tutorial on this one so be sure to check it out :)

Watch the tutorial here!


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