The 7 part tutorial on guitar tone draws to a close with a quick explanation of how the techniques of panning the guitar far left and right, layering multiple tones and double tracking can affect the guitar tone!

For me, it’s back to some Reason tutorials for a while!   So watch out for those in the near future :)

Watch Part 7 of the guitar recording tutorial here!

Now we finally get into the computer and start playing around with the recorded waveforms!

This tutorial explores EQing, compressing and limiting, giving a few examples of the changes in tone that can be achieved!

Check out Part 6 here.

In part 5, I compare the POD XT guitar amp simulator to miking up an amp – essentially this is a test of the accuracy of the microphone replication on the POD XT!

Check it out here :)

Today we explore the differences that using Kieran’s Jackson and Epiphone have on the sound, as well as exploring pickups for different tonal qualities!

Fun times! :D

Click here for part 4 of the tutorial!

Next on the list for the recording distorted guitar tutorial is the amp head settings!

Today, I take a look at how EQ on the guitar amp head (Lo, mid and high), presence, drive and volume effect the sound, as well as a quick look at a few different amp types on Kieran’s line6 Vetta HD head.

Click here to watch day 3 of the tutorial!

So we’ve got out microphone chosen, what next? Where do we put it?

This video explores the different tones achieved from different mic positions!

Again, useful for metal and rock guitarists :)

Click here for Part 2 of the heavy distorted guitar tutorial!


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