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If you're writing regarding:

  • - A problem with a tutorial
  • - A suggestion for a new tutorial (that isn't to do with a custom video tutorial)
  • - A problem with hardware or software
  • - Advice on what hardware or software to purchase
  • - Wanting critiquing on your songs

Then instead, please post your query on the boyinaband forum - unfortunately I can't answer every question personally, but some of them I'll pick for reader question videos and the others will no doubt be answered by some of the really nice people on the forum!

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7 Responses to “Contact”

  1. [...] if anything is missing, any links are broken or anything looks out of place be sure to let me know – unless you’re using internet explorer 7 or lower, in which case I know there’s [...]

  2. hey david. im just wondering,where can i find your WAVE razor Fx pack im following your psytrace tutorial but i cant find those paks in here.. please if you can help me up i’ll be glad than you!

  3. Hi David,

    I have a quick question for you.
    I am not well versed on Reason 6, well if you must know, I’m a newbie.
    I’m following your tutorial on how to make Trance Music.
    I noticed that when I right click to create the “MClass Mastering Suite Combi”, it’s not there on the list that appears. Am I missing something?? Is there an alternative that I don’t know about?

    Hope you can help out.

    Thank you in advance and Happy New Year!!!


  4. YOUR FUCKING AWSOME :-) Love your work with the tutorials.. It´s just fucking beautiful work man..
    Love From Denmark :-)

  5. You rock man :) Can u please make a tutorial about the tru dubstep /halfstep ting dude..for example like kryptic minds,biome,..what do you think?

  6. Hey man forgot to ask in my message to you,

    What affective ways have you found when starting out to get yourself noticed?? self promotion?? etc etc..

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