New Entry! Cotton War's Gritty track

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New Entry! Cotton War's Gritty track

Postby my 8 inch » Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:14 pm

WARDHANK's Entry : ).

Sorry bout the first but glad to know this one comes with the dubstep bass refill! Be getting away with murder on this upload! don't abuse it and use it!
*Warning Thor Growl bass in the refill pack is BASSY so please turn down just incase your head explodes .. Thor is mastered in the combinator so please use! Slow the rate as usual just by moving the Rate of the LFO. I would of done this on a video but my comp isn't of the best!

1:30 second's into the track for second drop. Quite a classical feel to it, hope you like it people!

Tutorial Jpeg picture Upload's, Pretty big.
Remove the distortion and turn up the volumeto get a even more Dubstep bass sound! use a compressor maybe a few equaliser's to give it that pounding bassline!

Simple bass .. but use with combinator as it is mastered, refills. mess around! even add a 2nd higher Osc to get a even more of a lead/bass sound. Just thought i'd add a low the bass tone on this lead/bass thing in there, while the malstrom was some thing of a higher freq.

"The extension rfl is not allowed." ... Anyways here's another link! :D

---> ... _samp.html? <---
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