Espy - Raise your turtle[Images re-upped]

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Espy - Raise your turtle[Images re-upped]

Postby Espy » Mon Feb 21, 2011 6:34 pm

This song is meant as a parody of Deadmau5's "Raise your weapon" - going from that signature deadmau5 pluck to pretty bad dubstep. I'm under no illusion that this is a 'good' dubstep song

Ok, so for the drop, it's quite a few sound layered to give it that really fat distorted sound and here's how to make them:

Sound one(The main sound you hear, punches very hard, comes in solid then gets automated with synced LFO):


Sound two(to give more harmonics to the tune):

EXACTLY the same as sound one but one octave higher on your piano roll. i.e. Sound one hits C4, so sound two hits C5.

Sound three(the sub):


Now, that's it for the main drop. Play with volume levels and EQ to taste. Now for the short wobble that comes in at 00:58



Standard massive wobble, nothing special. Boost low end frequencies.

Sound at 1 minute:

Now for this sound YOU MUST have massive on Legato Triller, as it's a slide note. Here's the patch:


and here's how your slide notes should look:


Now for that brutal down shift at 1:02

It's actually a SIN wave but it uses so much of Sylenth1's built in distortion unit, it somehow picks up quite a lot of harmonics.

I recommend copy-pasting these settings exactly as it can go a bit mental with alternate settings, if you take off the distortion it becomes a really nice bass downlifter.

And for that last mental sound:


That's pretty much it, with a little bit of EQ and imagination, these sounds are pretty solid.
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