Alex Howarth-A real space oddity

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Alex Howarth-A real space oddity

Postby zanderhowarth » Tue Feb 22, 2011 4:25 pm

Name: Alex Howarth
Song name:A real space oddity
link to track
this is the first ever time i've done a tutorial so be nice!

hi i'm Alex from I don't have a website :(
this tutorial is going to be about how to make the yahayahyahayah talking bass sound from my track.
so open up a combinator and load up thor! initialise it and click show programmer.
firstly keep osc 1 as anolog.
Bring the octave down to give it more bass (im using notes in the C 2 octave).
Make osc 2 another anolog osc run it through with the 2 button. Take it down an octave and change the waveform to a pulse wave.
Leave the pulse width where it is this makes the tone a lot more gritty.
Make osc 3 a multi osc and run it through with the three button take the octave down to 3 and take the detune amount to half way this will give us more of a gritty dirty undertone.
Leave filter one as a ladder filter and take the cut-off down to 273hz to cut off the high end.
The resonance is what is going to make this bass 'talk' so bring it up to 88. take the filter env down to about 13 so the lfo will have more effect later.
Hit the chorus button to make it sound wider. and turn filter three into a formant filter. This adds formants to the sound making it sound like the synth is making vowel sounds.
Bring the X up to 110 and the y up to around 97 to keep that resonance nice and high mess around with these settings because you can get very different tones!
Bring the gender a bit further to the right and take the env value down to 13 again.
Pull the amp env sustain all the way to 127 along with the decay so it doesn’t loose volume over time.
In LFO 1 hit tempo and key sync and change the rate to 1/4 ( you can automate it later) then in the MBR route LFO 1 to the filter 1 freq and bring up the amount to about 72 to make it wobble (again play around with this to get some different effects).
Finally in thor route everything through filter 2 make it a comb filter.
Switch it to comb - mode and bring the freq to 260 hz use shift if you need more control because the smallest amount in a comb filter can change the sound dramatically.
This will give it a metallic tone. Now bring the res to a 20.
Now for the effects.
It is starting to sound like its talking but not there yet!
Right click thor and create a scream 4.
Set the damage mode to digital this is where it gets that bitcrushed sound.
take p1 to 3 quarters and the p2 to 54 think of this as a formant filter so the higher it is the higher the pitch.
this is also a great one to automate.
in the body section take the low and high to 11 to give us a bit more bass and grit
and take the mids down to about -13 to focus the tone a bit.
next create an mclass compressor and take the input gain to almost full to boost the volume.
finally creat an mclass eq. hit the low shelf and then bring the gain up to about 7.1 and the q to full.
to emphasis the bass end because this is a bass synth. ( you might need to take the volume down on your mixer because it will be very loud
and there you have it a bass that sounds like a robot after it gets to close to an big electro magnet.

thanks for reading please check out my sound cloud here for some more dubstep and drum and bass
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