Hinode - Lightning Storm

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Hinode - Lightning Storm

Postby Hinode » Mon Feb 28, 2011 5:58 am


Bass Tutorial:
Set Malstrom1 osc 1 to sawtooth 16 and detune -21, motion -15. Both filters Bandpass12
and filter A Freq 18 res 20.
Put it through a vocoder on EQ mode 4 bands with band 1 just above 0, band 2 just
under 0, band 3 -10, band 4 -6. Then to mixer channel 1

Malstrom2 osc 1 sawtooth 16 detune 2 and motion 11, both filters Bandpass12.
Filter A Freq 101 res 2, Filter B Freq 94 res 0. Put through Scream 4 only using
cut freq Lo 63, Mid 26, Hi 49. Then a unison with 16 voice count, detune 40, wet/dry 32.
Go through Vocoder on EQ mode 16 band lowering first 5 bands a bit, raising band
6,7 and 8 a bit above 0. The remaining bands at 0. Make an EQ boost 20Khz by 10 DB
and a Q of 3.9. ECF-42 filter Freq 90, res 27,env amount 60,velocity 65, lowpass 24.
Going through parametric EQ Freq A:57 Q:0 gain:-7. Freq B:99 Q:0 gain:17. Then another
Para Eq freq A:127 Q:0 gain:47. Freq B:0 Q:0 gain:-53

Make audio splitter with 1 signal going to mixer channel 2 other signal to a compressor.
Compressor settings: input:6.6 DB, threshold:-24.9 soft knee, Ratio: 2.58/1 and attack
50ms release 327ms. then from compressor to mixer channel 3.

Output from mixer 1 through Scream 4 unit.
Set scream 4 on Tape with full damage control, P1 62 P2 30. Freq Cut Lo 46, Mid 31 and
Hi 46.

Malstrom3 osc 1 and 2 on sine and both filters lowpass12 freq and res at 0 for both.
Put Left output in mixer2 and right output in mixer1.

Then i have the output of combinator running through a Amplitude Modulation effect
Wich is somewhere in the reason/record effects folder.

That's the main bass (if i didn't forget any setting :) ). All devices inside
a combinator.
Also the first 16 beats of bass pattern is with modulation wheel of combinator closed
and the last 16 beats with mod wheel fully opened. (This repeats after 32 beats)

(Side note: i did split the main bass in 2 frequencies to control the volume of the
lower frequencies).

Added movement or interest is made by bouncing the main bass notes and then put it
through a glitch generator and choosing/cutting out parts that i liked.

Some other stuff in there too like mid-crunch and at the drop a reece bass with filter
opening too represent air being torn apart like lightning does. I know it's in reverse
order then actuall lightning which has first big boom then air being torn. :)

Hope you like it. (If the song is too quiet i apologize, it's at 0.0 DB ceiling when i
export it but don't know how to increase loudness and keep it at 0.0 DB).
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Re: Hinode - Lightning Storm

Postby Kung Fu Lemon » Mon Feb 28, 2011 11:01 am

Listened to your track man... Very unique!!! And a very interesting and unique bass as well!!! Fantastic use of Reason. Followed ya on soundcloud.

http://kungfulemon.com/ << my website (all of my music is free to download)

http://www.youtube.com/badasschickendude << my youtube channel (for tutorials and shit)
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Re: Hinode - Lightning Storm

Postby Hinode » Mon Feb 28, 2011 6:22 pm

Thank you for your kind words, Kung Fu Lemon.

Really liked your track aswell , especially the drums.
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