Chords and Scales simplified: Ableton file

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Chords and Scales simplified: Ableton file

Postby metabura » Tue Feb 07, 2012 1:03 pm


I discovered this work on youtube, and i invite you to go check out the blog.

Basically Tony is offering us a (free!) .als ableton file containing midi clips of all the chords arranged and organized with the principle of the circle of fifths. It also contains all type of scales.

For people who are not very good at music theory (like me) this is a gold mine.

It works great with a (novation) Launchpad because the clip are a canvas of maybe 30x10 clips, it gets annoying to launch with the mouse.
I completed the launchpad integration with visual feedback of the chosen scale to the user1 page, so i can build bass reefs using the lighten pad corresponding to the scale i chose (duplicated on 4 octaves). Then use the same scale for another synth because i still have the feedback even if i change of instruments in ableton...Then go back to Tony's system to find chords progression around the scale i chose... endless fun. (I hope i made myself clear)

It increased my creativity and the speed of my work flow. Maybe it can help others..
Don't forget to donate something if you enjoy his work.
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