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Forum Rules

Postby Super Alex » Wed Mar 02, 2011 6:08 pm

Updated: Dec 27 2013

By posting on this forum, you agree to the following rules and accept the consequences of breaking them.


(These rules apply to all of the sub-forums AND the chat section)

  1. Harassment, excessive profanity, racism, sexism, gore and ill-humored trolling will not be tolerated.
    So be nice, try to expand your vocabulary appropriately, no discrimination, remember that in a public setting (ie the chat) it's rude to discuss your taste in women, keep the disgusting stuff to yourself and again, be nice.
    A first offense may receive an unofficial warning from a moderator, and further offenses may receive an official warning.
  2. No posts about pirating, cracking, or otherwise illegally obtaining software!! We do not condone piracy!
    A warning may be given at the moderators' discretion. (this also includes any illegal codes or passwords)
  3. No duplicate threads. It's pretty simple - don't post the same topic twice. If you do, one of them will be deleted. Again, warnings may be given if a habit develops.
  4. Keep images PG-13! There's plenty of places you can find adult images, we are not one of them!
  5. Self-promotion: If it is not relevant to the topic, it may be deleted and a warning may be issued.
    However we do want people to be able to promote themselves, so please ensure this content gets put in the correct place!
  6. Do not post links unless it is relevant to the topic.
  7. No spamming. Keep thread-bumping low.
  8. Post in the right place! Do not place your post in an inappropriate sub-forum just to get 'more traffic' or a different audience. Threads in the wrong place may be moved to the appropriate sub-forum.
    If this becomes an excessive issue, warnings may be issued.
  9. Stay nice to new or inexperienced producers. We were all noobs at one point but most importantly, this site is built around the experienced helping the inexperienced.


If a user receives 3 warnings, he or she will be banned. 3 strikes and you're out.

Last thing to note:
People make mistakes.
We understand this - we've made plenty of them ourselves!
If you are given a warning that you think is unfair, please contact the moderator who issued the warning. If it was indeed unfair, the warning may be retracted. We are not cruel, just that we like to act that way.
Also, if you get a warning, and do not get another for 3 months, the first will be removed. Note- that only applies to the first warning. If you get another warning after the first one is removed, it is permanent.

Please contact a moderator or an administrator if you have any questions.

-Your BIAB Staff

These rules can be updated and modified at any time. By using this forum you agree to abide by these rules at all times.
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JannikR wrote:This is now a thread about Rminidicks womanliness.
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